Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social


Our Watson family working together with you for the next 100 years.


Our Watson family is working hard to reduce our environmental footprint and help you reduce yours, knowing we are in this together. We can be the change


Our Watson family is extending their helping hands out to our communities to give back through a variety of charity initiatives. 

Market Place

Watson Gloves is innovating our product line to offer biodegradable and innovative sustainable hand protection solutions for our customers, to keep their hands safe at work, at home and at play.

Funny things happen when you turn 100. First, you reflect on the past, where you’ve come from, what you’ve become. Then, you start to look ahead. Look at the future. Look at the “next 100”.  What will our legacy be? What are we, giving back?

Suddenly the state of the planet and its sustainability became something that we needed to focus on, as a business.

We are looking at all aspects of our operations and know we can make a difference. This year we are committed to the following:

1) Reducing our footprint:

  • Paperless Accounting
  • Recycling and food scrap program at all three branches
  • Landfill biodegradable poly bags for our product

2) Helping our community

  • Committed to raise money for the Wounded Warriors Canada – a national mental health charity supporting Canada’s ill & injured veterans, first responders and their families
  • Donating gloves to ensure the homeless hands are warm in the Winter
  • Launching employee volunteer policy where we donate hours so our employees can take time to volunteer in their community.

3) Creating sustainable product using recyclable and landfill biodegradable materials

CSR Update

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