Did you know that by using our sustainable gloves made with WasteNot yarn – made from post consumer recycled bottled we can determine the reduction of CO2 VS Virgin polyester?

Step 1: Pick the style of glove you are using from the drop down menu

Step 2: Enter in the quantity of gloves (per pair) used over a period of time

Step 3: Hit submit, this will calculate the total CO2 reduction from using gloves made with RPET VS. Virgin polyester (in grams)

Step 4: Enter in the grams to convert to kilograms in the converter below. (remember this number)

Grams to Kilograms Weight Converter

Weight Converter

Type a value in the Grams field to convert the value to Kilograms:



Step 5: Click on RED BUTTON CO2 Equivalent calculator below to translating abstract measurements (Kilograms) into concrete terms you can understand, such as the annual emissions from cars, households, or power plants.

Step 6: Click on the ’emissions tab’ and enter in the # Kilograms into the first box and enter in unit of measurement to Kilograms.

When you enter energy data, the calculator converts your entered values to carbon dioxide-equivalent greenhouse gas emissions based on emission factors for energy consumption

Vola – scroll down and you can now see how you were able to make a difference