Sales Team

From north to south and east to west the Watson sales team is the best! (Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves. But they really are that fantastic!) With almost 100 years of company experience behind them, our sales reps truly are glove experts. They can help you find the style, material and fit for every job, large or small. We look forward to working with you.

British Columbia / Yukon

Kasey Whitman
Matt Clayden
Graham Kerr
Ian Morrison
Michele Moore
Mark Stollery
Matthew Reid
Carl Huggins
Peter Cassidy
Ly Tran
Erica Marino

Alberta / Saskatchewan / Manitoba

Kirk McManes
Rosemary Keon
Peter Cassidy
Jay Armstrong
Claudio Morganti
Godfrey Fischer
Mick Olson
Melissa McKee
Jason Martin
Janet Gotmy

Ontario / Quebec / Maritimes

Jesse Nicol
Bill Sampson
Michael Hrynczuk
Sharon Seeley
Stephen Chaisson
Dany Azzi