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COVID-19 Update: Bonus Pay for Our Frontline Workers

Essential businesses across the country are extending their thank yous to their own frontline and essential workers by giving them bonus/appreciation pay for their tireless work during the COVID-19 crisis.

We wanted to give thanks and gratitude to our frontline workers in the Warehouse, Factory, Operations, and Customer Service departments by providing a one-time bonus for their tremendous efforts in delivering essential goods. Every day, they help send out thousands of gloves to our retailers, distributors and customers.

Demand for personal protective equipment, such as gloves, has risen during this time, and our frontline workers are making sure to meet that demand. We saw more than 1.75 times the volume of gloves sold in March this year (2020) compared to March last year (2019). Our frontline staffs are working extremely hard to send out shipments of gloves accurately and on time so that our customers can receive them promptly in a time of need.

“Our frontline workers at Watson Gloves are doing critical work to get a high demand of essential supplies out to people across the country,” said Martin Moore, President of Watson Gloves. “We value the importance of family, and we understand the challenges during these times. Our workers have risen up to these challenges and have done exceptional work, so a bonus pay is our gesture of utmost gratitude.”

We are thankful and proud of the Watson Family spirit and culture that is demonstrated in these times, as all workers, whether on the front lines or at home, are working above and beyond to get hand protection to your doorsteps.

You can also check out the glove donations we’ve made to important organizations below:

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