EN 374-5 Micro-Organism Resistant Standard

The EN 374-5:2016 standard specifies performance requirements for gloves that protect users against micro-organisms (bacteria, fungi and/or viruses). Standards for micro-organisms risk was formerly under EN374-2 but now has been developed as a separate EN 374 part as EN374-5:2016.

EN374-5:2016 Terminology and Performance Requirements for Micro-organisms Risks

  • Microbiological agents are determined as: bacteria, fungi and virus.
  • EN374-5 gloves are classified as either:
    • Protection against bacteria and fungi
    • Protection against bacteria, fungi and viruses
  • Penetration testing is required for all gloves claiming micro-organisms protection. Testing is outlined in EN374-2:2014, air leak and water leak. Test method has not changed.
  • Gloves claiming protection against bacteria, fungi and viruses require additional penetration testing according to ISO 16604:2004 Determination of resistance to protective clothing materials to penetration by blood-borne pathogens. Test method uses Phi-X174 bacteriophage
    • Test uses a nutrient broth containing a virus, which is forced against the glove for a specified time and pressure pattern
    • Glove is elastomeric – mesh is inserted into a test chamber to prevent ballooning
    • Visual detection of penetration plus assay procedure is used to help detect the presence of viruses
  • Gloves longer than 400 mm and if the cuff is claimed to protect against micro-organisms require additional test specimen taken from the cuff area and tested to ISO 16604:2004.

Note: All Watson gloves that are EN374-5:2016 compliant have been tested and assessed in laboratory conditions only. The gloves have not been tested against COVID-19.


The pictogram below is used for our gloves that protect against bacteria and fungi:

EN374-5-2016 Shield Protection Against Bacteria and Fungi

Depicted without ‘VIRUS’ text underneath the shield

Check out our EN374-5:2016 (Protection Against Bacteria and Fungi) compliant gloves here.


The pictogram below is used for our gloves that protect against bacteria, fungi and viruses:

EN374-5-2016 Shield Protection Against Bacteria, Fungi and Virus

Depicted with ‘VIRUS’ text underneath the shield

Check out our EN374-5:2016 (Protection Against Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses) compliant gloves here.


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