A Message from our President, Martin Moore

Wow! Thank you everyone for the tremendous effort and hard work over the past few months. At our last AGM the word momentum was mentioned and how important it is in our growth strategy. Well with the results we’ve seen in 2014, we have momentum baby! Watson is growing rapidly and it is thanks to the effort put in by all members of the team. Don’t take my word for it look at these numbers:

  • Averaged double digit growth year over year for the last 5 years
  • September was our largest shipping month ever in our 96 year history. Which included 823 orders shipped in one day! Also a Watson record
  • 2500 SKU with 2000 of those on hand
  • Over one hundred thousand square feet of warehouse space in three locations across Canada to serve our 2652 active accounts (and growing)

All of this couldn’t have happened without our dedicated staff. The Watson family has grown and grown, to 134 employees across three branches. With twenty five office staff to keep this place humming. Thirty plus in our sale and marketing team to serve our customers country wide. Over forty fine folks in the warehouse breaking records.

And our factory which is on fire (not literally) with 24 sewers and a team that is 40 strong, pumping out some of the finest Canadian made gloves around. The factory has seen an 18% increase in output over the last year producing an average of 583 gloves a day. The factory has also seen heavy investment for its future with 60% of the equipment having been upgraded or replaced.

Momentum is on our side lets keep it that way.

“The Watson experience means striving to supply perfect quality products and services and cuts across all facets of the organization. Hats off to the crazy ones, the ones who see things differently, and the ones who get it. At Watson we get it, and so do our customers”

Marty Moore

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