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Watson Gloves is on the path of becoming more sustainable

Posted: March 29, 2019 7:00 pm No Comments

Funny things happen when you turn 100. First, you reflect on the past, where you’ve come from, what you’ve become. Then, you start to look ahead. Look at the future. Look at the “next 100”. That’s what we, at Watson Gloves, did this past year. We patted ourselves on the back, we celebrated and oh my, we had a great party. But then we looked around, at the world, and especially at ourselves. What will our legacy be? What are we, giving back?

Suddenly the state of the planet and its sustainability became something that we needed to focus on, as a business. It certainly can’t all be about bottom lines, profit and growing market share. Sure, we want to be successful, but we want to do so in an ethical way. We, as a company, need to do whatever we can to stop this alarming thing called climate change.

We are looking at all aspects of our operations and know we can make a difference. This year we are committed to the following:

1. Reduce our carbon footprint by:

a. Recycling everything we can, reducing our waste and cutting down on our carbon footprint and even composting our lunch leftovers.

i. We have launched a recycling program in every branch and are excited to say that we have already recycled:

* Leather Scraps since May of 2018 to Feb 2019 – 5128 lbs

* Plastic Strapping since May of 2018 to Feb 2019 – 616 lbs

* Plastic Shrink Wrap since May of 2018 to Feb 2019 – 1769 lbs

* Food scraps have been diverted from the landfill since July 2018-March 2019– 908 kgs

ii. We no long buy plastic cups or cutlery


b. Going paperless in our accounting department

c. Transition to landfill biodegradable polybags

We are also excited to announce that we have developed a landfill biodegradable disposable glove that will be available to purchase in May 2019. Did you know that regular nitrile disposable gloves take 200+ years to biodegrade? Our new Green Monkey biodegradable disposable gloves will biodegrade in 10 years in landfill conditions. (ASTM D5526)

We created a position for Corporate Social Responsibility to keep our team focused and on track. Progress on our green initiatives will be ongoing; it will never be “done”. We will look to see how we can keep improving and our Watson team will be the key to the success of our green initiatives. Please keep checking back to see our progress.

We are also committed to being philanthropic. This year we have partnered up with Wounded Warriors of Canada. The veterans give life and limb and need more support. We will support them by donating partial proceeds from some of our new products for Spring 2019.

Our homeless and down-on-their-luck also deserve protection from the elements. We will give them gloves each Winter to keep their hands warm. Our staff will come together as a team and gather clothing and food to donate to local shelters to help out those that need it. Lastly, our staff will be given the opportunity to work for a charity of their choice on our time & on our dime. A Corporate Volunteering policy is now in place.

This 100th year has given us the gift of reflection, we saw who we were, and what we wanted to become. For that we are thankful to our customers who have supported us over the years buying our gloves. We will continue to thank them while paying it forward. Watsons will Give Back.