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Watson Anniversary – Bruce Dally’s 45th Work Anniversary

Our very own VP of Key National Accounts, Bruce Dally, celebrated his 45th anniversary at Watson Gloves this week. We took time to ask him a few questions:

How did you start your career here at Watson Gloves?

I was working at a gas station called Econo Gas and Watson Gloves sold garden gloves there. Watson Gloves Sales Rep, Bill Hamilton was pricing the order and putting the gloves on the rack. As a young and eager 18 year old, I said to him, “I should be doing that and you should be out selling gloves.” He got me in touch with Don Federak, the Sales Manager and Barry Moore, the previous CEO. A couple weeks later, I was driving a truck for Watson Gloves and delivering gloves to industrial and retail customers.


What do you like most about your job?

Working with all the people at Watson Gloves and our customers. And still to this day, I always enjoy the thrill of the sale from start to finish. The work that’s involved with the team putting an entire program together for a prospect, the presentation and the customer coming through with an order.


What would you say is your biggest achievement at Watson Gloves?

Being able to see the people I work with grow in the company. I’ve been here for 45 years sharing my passion in gloves and leading by example. In my many decades here, I was able to help bring in incredible professionals into the Marketing, Product Development, and Sales department, and they’re all still here today. Most people don’t leave Watson Gloves and have long careers here, such as myself. Working closely with a lot of my coworkers and seeing them develop into who they are now is a great thing to see.


What’s your secret in having a long career at Watson Gloves?

It really goes back to the people you work with. Every day I look forward to working with the people in the company and selling to the customers. Second thing is believing in the products you sell. I never get tired of gloves and I always want to provide customers the best in glove protection for their consumers and employees.


What’s your favourite glove name?

Man Handlers. The name plus the tag tells it all – a western-themed leather glove.


What’s that on the cake?

It was 1978. Barry took 10 of us to Mexico. We went to this beach bar called Chico’s Paradise and drank margaritas. I was sporting my Watson bucket hat and (really short) jean cutoffs. Hey, it was the trend back in the days! I also remember being the driver and drove a car called “The Thing” (a Volkswagen classic) around the city. Good memories for sure.

Congrats on your 45 year anniversary, Bruce!

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