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Watson Anniversary – Rebecca Chan’s 20th Work Anniversary

Rebecca Chan, our Director of Talent Strategy, celebrates her 20th anniversary at Watson Gloves!

What do you do at Watson Gloves?

I’m the Director of Talent Strategy, leading the HR department and looking after everything culture and talent-related. As a member of the executive team, I’m involved in setting the corporate strategy with a focus on our people.


How did you start your career here and what’s your secret to having a long career here at Watson Gloves?

I first started as the Assistant Controller where I looked after a variety of accounting functions. Then my career path took a bit of a turn as the company was growing rapidly and there was a need to create an HR department. I realized that my passion was about our people, and I was fortunate to have been provided the privilege and autonomy to make a pivot in my Watson journey. That’s my secret to having a long career here: the ability to keep growing.


Why have you stayed at Watson Gloves for 20 years?

I get asked this question a lot, and the answer is simple – it’s our PEOPLE! Our value of ‘Watson Family’ means that I have a second family. I get to work with people every day that care about me as a human being, and me to them. The relationships are real and authentic. That’s why I’m here.


What’s your most memorable moment at Watson Gloves?

The longer you work at Watson Gloves, the harder this question gets…there really are so many memorable memories from all the incredible events and celebrations we’ve had: from retirement parties, to grand-opening parties, to Christmas parties and to our AGMs. But I have to go with the 100 year party. It was the party of all parties with our entire team in attendance and I don’t think we can ever top that!

Congrats to Rebecca’s 20th work anniversary at Watson Gloves!

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