15 Ways to Beat the Heat When Working Outside at the Jobsite

15 Ways to Beat the Heat on the Job Site from Watson Gloves
*Updated June 20th, 2024*

Heat. Heat everywhere. Summer signals a time of heat and at times during the season, extreme heat. And if you’re working outdoors, you are at a higher risk of overheating. Roof work, construction, and any other industrial site that are outdoors are hot environments that can exacerbate overheating. During times of extraordinarily hot weather, it’s important to put safety as high priority. Why? Because the cost of overheating is not pretty.

Fortunately, we have all the essential tips to reduce overheating when working outside. We understand many occupations that involve outdoor work cannot simply be put to a halt. Knowing the ways you can protect yourself in the hot heat though will keep you both safe and productive.

Washing your Leather Gloves

Cleaning Watson Gloves Leather Gloves
Are your leather gloves looking rough? We get it, it’s easy to just throw your gloves into the closet, toss them into your toolbox, or chuck them into the back of your truck without cleaning them off. After time your gloves will naturally accumulate dirt and grime, building up bacteria, and shortening the lifespan of the glove. Cleaning your leather gloves, like you’d clean your leather boots, will help them age well, will stop them from smelling, and will allow you to use them longer.

5(ish) Things to Look for in a BBQ Glove

BBQ Glove Green Monkey Header
Do you need a BBQ glove? Yes! Whether you’re a passionate pitmaster feeding a party of 50 or a home cook barbecuing for your family on a sunny weekend, a BBQ glove is an essential item to help beef up your BBQ game! There are different types of BBQ gloves, and depending on your application, it’s good to know what kind of BBQ glove works best for you. You don’t have to worry though, as we share with you the five things to look for in a BBQ glove so that you can find the perfect fit.

Watson Story – Ly Tran

Ly Tran Career Story at Watson Gloves
I started working at Watson Gloves 17 years ago, back in the original Vancouver building on Main and 2nd. Before joining Watson Gloves, I was working in retail sales and found that I really enjoyed the customer service aspect and wanted to find a path where I could help people. A recruiting agency paired me up with Watson Gloves and that’s how it all started!

I did my research and what initially sold me was how long the company had been around. I remember thinking, “It’s been around for so long; it’s going to withstand anything!” Especially now, I think it’s very rare for a family-owned business to have such longevity.

Watson Gloves Ranked One of the 2021 Workplace Culture Innovators by the Canadian Workplace Culture Index

Watson Gloves Ranked One of the 2021 Workplace Culture Innovators by the Canadian Workplace Culture Index

Vancouver, August 26th, 2021 – Watson Gloves is proud to announce that they have been certified for exceptional workplace culture by The Canadian Workplace Culture Index, the leading Canadian measure of workplace culture.

To be certified as a Culture Innovator, companies must exceed the national benchmark for exceptional culture. Organizations who are leading the way amid the pandemic, and who are demonstrating care for their employees, their customers and their communities during this difficult time. Employees are given an anonymous survey where the answers are ranked against the industry leader, and then an organization will be certified if they meet the benchmark.

The culture at Watson Gloves consists of a diverse community of trailblazers, go-getters, leaders, innovators, and thinkers that all come together with their unique perspectives, identities, and experiences to shake up the glove industry with innovative and sustainable hand protection.


During this last unprecedented year, Watson Gloves leaned into its culture and invested in their people. Their Human Resources team worked diligently to ensure that the safety of the Watson team and their families was their number one priority while the Executive team remained a steady source of accessible consistency, calm and clear direction to the overall team.

“I get to work with people every day that care about me as a human being. and me to them”, says Rebecca Chan, Director of Talent Strategy. “The relationships are real and authentic. That’s why I am here”.


Watson Gloves increased their communications in all directions to ensure that they were hearing what their team needed to feel safe and adjusted their internal people programs accordingly. They embraced community and what it means to pivot this year. When the pandemic first hit, they assessed their position in the market and diversified their product offerings to include Made-In-Canada face masks and donated gloves and masks to frontline workers to keep them safe.


This year also gave Watson Gloves an incredible opportunity to reskill and upskill their team to ensure that the foundation was strong for their upcoming growth. The team dug deep into continuous learning, completing programs with Harvard Business School, McGill Executive Institute, Lean Six Sigma, Dale Carnegie as well as other specialized training programs.


In Canada, the best workplaces have stood out by creating psychologically safe workplaces, regardless of whether someone is on the front lines or sitting in a corner office. Culture Innovators in Canada realize two-way communication with leadership is especially important. So is a fundamental sense of caring among colleagues, and employees’ ability to bring their full selves to work. When companies do everything, they can to create workplaces that are as safe as possible, employees return the care by giving the very best they can.

“It’s all about the culture”. says Dat Nguyen, Factory Foreman, “When family is a strong focus at our company, it runs down through all of the teams”.

About Watson Gloves

Watson Gloves first started as a two-person shop selling gloves to Vancouver’s dock workers when they opened their doors in 1918. Today, they’ve grown into a Canadian icon and Canada’s largest retail distributor of quality gloves for work, home and play. Their glove innovations play a large part to their success, such as their push for more sustainable products into the market. Watson Gloves sell their gloves all across Canada with offices in Vancouver, Calgary and Mississauga, and also sell at select retailers in the US and internationally. Product categories range from home improvement, gardening, construction, welding, automotive, recreational, and more with over 2,000 different styles offered. Learn more at and follow Watson Gloves on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


About The Canadian Workplace Culture Index:

The Canadian Workplace Culture Index, headquartered in Vancouver, BC, uses research, best practices, and innovative technology to recognize, enable, and amplify exceptional workplace culture —their research partner, the Angus Reid Institute, shows there’s a clear and direct relationship between employee engagement and financial performance. Over the past decade, they have captured the views of a representative population of Canada, helping organizations around the country identify and build high-trust, high-performance cultures. Through their certification programs, they recognize outstanding workplaces and produce an annual report on the status of workplace culture in Canada. Everything they do is driven by their mission: to recognize, enable, and amplify exceptional workplace culture in Canada. Follow The Canadian Workplace Culture Index online at and on Twitter and Instagram @cultureindexca and





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