Hand Injuries on the Job

It’s a fact that’s hard to believe but there are 500,000 hand injuries in Canada every year*. Our hands are extremely vulnerable to injury because we constantly use them to hold, twist, turn, lift, grasp, push, pull, manipulate and touch. Hand injuries account for almost 1/3 of work place injuries. It’s in your best interests to protect yourself and your employees from hand injuries because the loss of productivity and employee down time is hard on the bottom line.

At Watson Gloves, it’s our job to help you protect your hands. You can do that by wearing gloves. They can’t be just any gloves though. There are a number of factors to take into consideration and that’s where we, the Glove Experts, can help you choose the right style and size.

Things to Consider:

Size – if they’re too big and sloppy they could actually do more harm than good. For example, they could get caught in machinery. If they’re too small you won’t have the dexterity that is needed to perform tasks that require small motor control.

Heat & Cold – do you need to protect yourself from the elements? If you’re working outside in -30 degrees you will need gloves to keep your hands warm. Conversely, if you’re working around hot ovens you need to protect your hands from burns.

Cut Protection – are you working in a job where there is a danger of getting cut or punctured? If so, you need gloves with cut protection. There are different levels and they are graded and tested by professionals so you can be sure you are getting the cut protection you need.

Chemical Hazards – if you’re working with or around inks, dyes, cleaners, plant and animal oils, degreasers or chemicals then you are susceptible to these chemical leeching into your skin or even burning you. With gloves you can avoid these injuries but you’ve got to make sure you have the right gloves, made from materials that will protect you from chemical hazards.  We have chemical charts that we use to make sure you’re getting the right gloves.

Abrasions –  Cuts and scrapes are painful and often unnecessary. If you’re wearing gloves then your skin can be protected from most of these.

Long Term Stress & Fatigue Injuries – a repetitive job can often mean long term damage due to performing the same action again and again. Gloves with extra padding and support in the right areas can help you avoid these types of injuries.

Let us help you protect yourself and your employees. We can help you pick out the right glove so you and your employees don’t become one of those 500,000 hand injury statistics.

*Statistics taken from http://www.hrsdc.gc.ca/

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