Gloves for the Holidays

Holiday Glove Gift Guide 2020

Although this year has been nothing but twists and turns, there is still one thing that remains constant – everybody needs gloves during the winter season. That means they’re awesome gifts to give (even to yourself – don’t feel guilty). Great! Now… which gloves should you get? Good question. That’s why we have the answer in the form of a holiday gift guide! Yup, even to the one person on your list who’s obsessed with ugly sweaters. We got something for them. So check out the guide now, and find a glove for everyone on your Christmas list this holiday season!

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Note: Some gloves are new, updated styles of older gloves. When buying online from retailers, please make sure to look at what style you are buying.

For the Environmentally Conscious

As part of our mission to grow our line of sustainability products, we’ve launched our WasteNot™ line this year with great success. These gloves are made of WasteNot™ yarn, which uses recycled post consumer PET bottles as material! Best of all, there’s no compromise in quality and functionality. In fact, we’ve made sure that these gloves were made extra comfortable and durable. Released in spring were gloves perfect for gardening and outdoor work (see further below).

This winter, we’re expanding the lineup with new winter WasteNot™ gloves. Whether you’re out to grab coffee or for a nice walk, you can get cozy with 9381 Fleece Navidad and 9382 Lady Baa Baa. The polyester shell for both are made from 96% recycled PET bottles, includes Cold MX™ lining for extra warmth, and touchscreen compatible palm and fingertips.

When you’re kicking it back at home, don’t forget to slip into our slipper counterparts, 154 Fleece Navidad Slippers, 153 Lady Baa Baa Slippers, and also the baby/toddler versions for the little ones, 1522 Baby Fleece Navidad Slippers, and 1521 Baby Baa Baa Slippers!

Obsessed with gardening? We get it, the pandemic has made us venture out to new hobbies. And for some, it’s making your own Victory Garden. Our latest gardening and outdoor work gloves this year are made of WasteNot™ yarn, which are composed of 1-3 recycled PET bottles per glove. We have gloves for the whole family, including the little ones, so now everyone can help out in the backyard!

You can click here to learn more about WasteNot™ products and how they’re made.

For the Thrill Seekers

Ski and snowboard resorts are continuing to operate with precautions and safety measures in place. As you look towards hitting your local slopes this season, it’s important to get some good gloves to keep you going through the day.

9500 Sno Job and 9499 Sno Job (mitt version) got a new makeover and are now warmer, more durable, and flashier. Sno Job is equipped with Polariz™ microfleece lining and 3M Thinsulate™ C200 lining to ensure your hands stay warm and dry. Hy+Dry® barrier and Dryhide™ water resistant full-grain goatskin leather helps keep the elements away while you’re shredding the gnar. And the sweet camo style is the chef’s kiss to an already beaut of a glove. Don’t ski or snowboard? Perfect! ‘Cause Sno Job are also great winter gloves you can wear around wherever you go.

For Those Who Love That Comfy & Warm Feeling

Mmm, the thought of the words “comfy” and “warmth” is like being snuggled up in front of the fireplace with a hot chocolate in hand. You can get the same feeling without the accidental spills by wearing these incredibly comfortable and warm gloves, Gale Force and Crazy Horse.

9915 Gale Force and 9913 Gale Force for Her are comfy inside and out, with 3M Thinsulate™ lining on the inside and soft Polar® fleece back on the outside. Along with the water resistant and breathable Hy+Dry™ barrier and snug-fitting extended cuff, these gloves will help keep the warmth in and the cold out.

9590 Crazy Horse and 9591 Crazy Horse (Mitt) are your simple, no-nonsense, keep-your-digits-warm kind of gloves for the extreme cold. Warm Sherpa lining, comfortable snug-fit, and extended cuff also keep your wrists warm. Kids can also go crazy for these gloves, as we got 9591XXS Crazy Colts.

*Note: these gloves unfortunately do not smell like hot chocolate.

For the True Canadian Patriot

9374P Dapper Dan

Nothing expresses Canadian pride more than red plaid attire. Match your red plaid flannel with the 9374P Dapper Dan. This glove will certainly keep your hands exceptionally comfortable and warm with the heavyweight ‘Heat Lok’ lining. The soft polyester fleece shell is soft to the touch, so you can give a good pat on your back for having great taste.

For the Ugly Sweater Enthusiast

If your closet is filled with ugly sweaters more than plaid shirts, then you can match them with the 9386 Men’s Sweater Glove and 9385 Women’s Sweater Glove! The fleece liner keeps the hands warm and a snug-fitting wrist keeps the dirt and debris out. ‘Tis the season – it’s ugly sweater time!

For the “What Do You Mean It’s Too Cold to Run Outside?”

We all know that one person. You know – the one who loves keeping up with their morning jog at 6:00 AM even when temperatures have run well below 0 degrees. Well, even the avid runner in the winter still needs a good lightweight glove to keep hands protected from the cold. Cue in 418 Sea to Sky, your new glove that will give you a pep in your step. Lightweight stretch fleece shell? Check. Touchscreen compatible thumb and fingers? Check. Silicone printed palm for grip? Check. And “be safe, be seen” reflective piping on the knuckle bar? Check, check, check. Before sunrise, during the day, or after dusk, wearing Sea to Sky will add a huge stride to your runs in the winter cold (seriously though, are you crazy??).

For Those Living in the Fast Lane

Biking in the winter? Well then, you for sure need winter gloves fit for motorcycling. Aside from protecting you from road rashes, gloves help absorb the vibration felt while riding. 9815 Interstate and 9860 Road Hawg both have cotton fleece lining to keep hands warm, while also made in full-grain cowhide leather for strength and durability. Now, you can go out there and have the ride of your life without the worry of dry and calloused hands.

For the Classic Minimalist Look

9597 The Duke

Sometimes, you don’t want anything flashy. You just want good, quality leather gloves to keep you warm for the winter. That’s where The Duke and The Duchess come in. You don’t have to be related to royalty to fit in these beauties of a glove. Classic leather look, available in men and women sizes, and in black and gold. These gloves are also proudly Canadian made in our Burnaby, BC factory! So go ahead. Take the crown. It’s your day to feel royal.

For the Icing on the Cake

No, we don’t sell icing or cakes. But to top off your gloves, don’t forget to put our Hot Head Toque on your noggin and don our Watson Classic Heritage Tee. These products have a clean, stylish look that shows off our classic Watson heritage logo, and are perfect for any Watson Gloves fan. You can also check out other quality products with our classic Watson heritage patch in our Heritage Collection.

For Staying Safe

This year, the word “PPE” has been thrown about more frequently in conversations. However, the increase in usage of PPE means an increase in unnecessary waste. We couldn’t go without mentioning other PPE essentials that people are looking for this year, but we want to take into consideration our environment and recommend products that are reusable and biodegradable.

Our Burnaby, BC factory quickly pivoted in the beginning of the pandemic to meet the demand of face masks for the Canadian public. We’re extraordinarily proud of producing and selling our 2-Layer Reusable Face Mask (for general purpose, not medical grade), which are comfortable, secure, and Canadian made. Our Face Mask also has an inner pocket that can fit our 5-Layer Face Mask Filter (PM2.5) for additional protection. And we didn’t forget about the kids – our Kids Face Mask (for general purpose, not medical grade) are perfect for kids age 6-10 and comes with two masks per pack.

Get Holiday Shopping Done Early!

That was easy, wasn’t it? See? Holiday shopping really doesn’t have to be hard. Still have an extraordinarily long list to check off or want to look for more quality Watson gloves? Shop online now to find more gloves that can be purchased from select retailers.

You can also check out our ultimate winter glove guide for work gloves here.

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