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Watson Gloves is one of my favorite vendors to deal with at KMS Tools. Two factors contribute to this; First I am a big nerd about gloves, I love getting to see all the new gloves, trying them on, and looking to provide the best gloves for our customers. Second and more importantly is Doug and his work as our Rep. Doug is continually looking for ways for us to grow the glove business together and has a genuine attitude about KMS and seeing if succeed with Watson Gloves. I have seen his willingness and drive to work with our outside sales team, and the appreciation our outside sales team has for someone to work along-side them. I really enjoy talking gloves with Doug because of his knowledge of the market and his knowledge of KMS and where we fit into the landscape and ultimately what selection of gloves will work for us as a company.

I appreciate the rest of the team that we continually interact with. We get timely confirmations with updates from the order desk on when we will see backorders (which is huge in our business). We get gloves personally delivered by a Watson Glove employee and everyone in our warehouse knows them which adds to the relationship as a whole.

Watson Gloves is just really easy to deal with and in our industry you just don’t find a lot of those companies. Thank you for the ways in which you support our business and we look forward to continued growth and success with Watson Gloves.


Samuel Bell
KMS Tools & Equipment

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