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005TPC Flextime


Dryhide™ water-resistant full-grain goatskin leather palmCutshield™ Para-aramid/steel/polyester liner with ANSI cut level A5Spandex back made with WasteNot™  polyester yarn which is… Read more »

9547 Van Goat

Van Goat

3M Thinsulate™ C100 lining with a layer of microfleece Cutshield™ P-aramid/steel/polyester liner Dryhide oil and Water Resistant full-grain goatskin leather… Read more »

9545 Scape Goat

Scape Goat

3M Thinsulate™ C100 lining Full-grain goatskin leather Drivers style with keystone thumb Snug-fitting shirred elastic wrist with slip-on style cuff