685 Voltage

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Heavyweight full-grain cowhide leather
Outseam design
Straight thumb
Leather reinforeced thumb saddle and hooded fingertips
Gauntlet style cuff with leather gore
Proudly made in our local Burnaby, BC factory


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*Style Number: 685



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One review for “685 Voltage

  1. Thomas Sinclair on

    These (685 Voltage) are my go to gloves for when I need or want extra protection from what ever job I’m doing. Other good quality gloves just can’t match up with what these can take. I used to get about one day of haying out of other gloves of similar design. (All leather with the gauntlets) but these last I’ve lost count of how many seasons I’ve used my current pair. I don’t even dry them properly or look after them in any way, shape or form. They get white with salt from sweating and I just toss them on the shelf and the next day they are stiff enough to stand up on their own. I just slip them on and flex my fingers a few times on my way to the field and away I go. I originally got my first pair from my Grandpa he was a BC Hydro linesmen for 38 years and these were the over glove they wore. With the heavy duty rubber under glove. Tough enough for several summers of haying. Both for family and hiring out to several other ranches. But they still have enough dexterity to pick blackberries without crushing them. If they ever discontinue these it will be a sad day. I would have to buy as many pairs as I could afford. They’re a bit expensive compared to some other gloves. But you will save money because you will have to buy a LOT of gloves to get the same wear, out just one pair of these. I have one pair that is literally 24 years old. I bought them in 1999 on my way to Old’s College. Finally got a hole in those ones yesterday. I got my finger caught in a cut of saw. All I got was a small Knick on my left pinky finger. That right there made the price worth every single penny. Grandpa had a similar incident with his eclectic chainsaw away back when. Both were the result of a kickback from the saw. In summary best gloves ever! ???? ????


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