The Best Winter Gloves This 2019-2020 Season

The Best Winter Gloves This 2019-2020 Season

For almost everybody in Canada, Winter is a time you dress up in layers. Unfortunately, for your hands, it’s not really fun wearing layers of gloves – uncomfortable, loss of dexterity, and can you imagine having to put on and take off all those gloves all the time? Fortunately for you, we have gloves for every Winter purpose. So whether you’re taking a stroll in the Canadian cold or working outside and needing gloves that’s both water and impact resistant, we have the right winter glove for you – all sorted out in this guide on the best Winter gloves this 2019-2020 season.

For Heavy-Duty Work in the Cold

When Winter hits the oil & gas industry industry, the intense work can become even more intense with the cold. Don’t let that stop you or your hands from your work. The 9585 Commander helps protect your hands both from the cold and impact-related injuries.

Did you know that 65% of your body lose its heat through radiation? The Commander combat that by having a microfleece lining called Polariz™, which helps reflect radiant heat back to your hands. So rather than letting all of your warm hand heat go out, the Commander makes sure it stays in so you can keep your hand nimble to do your work no matter the weather.

Along with keeping your hands warm, the Commander is equipped with D3O® iA TPR on the knuckles and fingers to protect you from back-of-hand impact injuries. With an ANSI/ISEA 138 Impact rating of 3 (the highest), the Commander offers you 34% more protection with the same thickness of standard TPR.

Polariz Flyer

Polariz Infographic. Click for larger size.

It’s also protected by DryFibre™, a specially treated, water-resistant and oil-resistant, leather palm suede that can stand up to heavy-duty wear.

And whenever you purchase a pair of Commanders, $0.50 from the pair sold is donated to Wounded Warriors Canada. Wounded Warriors™ is an organization that supports ill and injured Canadian Armed Forces’ members, veterans, first responders and their families, and Watson Gloves is proud to support and give back to the Canadian Armed Forces through Wounded Warriors.

For Heavier-Duty Work in the Cold

When the Commander doesn’t cut it for your heavier-duty work where you need cut resistance, we got the perfect trooper for you.

The 95785G Shock Trooper is the glove you’re looking for if you need great cut and puncture protection – the Shock Trooper has an ANSI Cut rating of A7 and an ANSI Puncture rating of 4, thanks to the full sock Cutshield™ liner made from a blend of P-aramid, steel and polyester, along with an ANSI/ISEA 138 Impact rating of 3.

This all-star of a glove is also packed with other features, such as lightweight 3M Thinsulate™ C100 lining back and C40 palm to keep your hands warm, vibration absorbing EVA foam padded palm patch and wrist patch, stitched Kevlar® thread, and superb Dryhide™ full-grain goatskin leather on both the palm and back of hand to give you sturdy durability and also great dexterity along with water and oil resistant protection.

The gauntlet style cuff provides additional wrist and forearm protection, while the slip-on cuff style Shock Trooper (95785) is an alternative for easier on and off application. And similarly with the Commander, $0.50 for every pair of Shock Troopers sold goes to the Wounded Warriors™ foundation. Confidence is key to any job and you can have greater confidence doing your work knowing your hands are safe with the Shock Trooper.

For General Work in the Cold

Work outdoors is not limited to the oil & gas industry – work still has to get done whether you’re on the construction site or at the shipyard.

91051 The Breakdown has Cold MX™ insulation on the palm and back. This compact insulation provides maximum thermal efficiency and is wind proof and water resistant. At the same time, the thin profile and dense fibre structure also gives you great dexterity in your work. A Velcro® closure helps keep the warmth in while keeping dirt and debris out. So keep on trucking with your work without any setbacks to your hands.

For Keeping the Wet Out

When your job demands dealing with a range of liquids, you need a glove that can stand up to the test and keep the wet out!

9403 Stealth Stingray is layered with the Hy+Dry™ Barrier, which provides the ultimate protection from liquid penetration. It is also lined with thermal lining on the inside and has a double-dipped sandy foam nitrile coating. This all adds up to a water-resistant, breathable glove that’s tough yet also offers great dexterity.

Hy+Dry Barrier Infographic

Hy+Dry™ Barrier Infographic. Click for larger size.

Designed with advanced technology, the Stealth Stingray will ensure your hands stay dry, warm and comfortable in cold environments and give you the superior grip you need for dry and especially wet conditions.

For Hitting the Outdoors

Plan to explore the Canadian outdoors? You don’t want your fingers falling off if you’ll be outside for a long time! And luckily for you, we have 9508 Sub Zero arriving just in time for this Winter, and they’ll help keep your hands comfortably warm so you can continue enjoying the natural wonders outside.

The Sub Zero is our first battery-powered heated glove that offers you three different levels of heat up to 55 degrees Celsius and lasting up to 5 hours per charge thanks to the Turned On™ battery powered technology. We also made sure all that heat is not flying out of the glove by having it equipped with 3M Thinsulate™ C150 lining back and C100 palm and a snug-fitting shirred elastic wrist with a drawstring closure. We want to make sure your hands are warm and stay warm, while looking damn good too.

Sub Zero Infographic

9508 Sub Zero Infographic. Click for larger size.

Act quick though! Sub Zero is stocked in stores NOW but only for a limited run. Get them at your local stores now before they’re gone!

For Casual Wear and Lookin’ Good

You’re off the worksite and you want to look good outside while keeping your hands away from the cold. 9897 The Duke (men’s version) and 9596 The Duchess (women’s version) are the PERFECT casual winter gloves that pair well with any Winter look (yes, even if you’re Santa Claus).

The Duke and The Duchess are made with premium full-grain deerskin leather that’s incredibly soft and flexible and lined with breathable cotton fleece lining so that your hands can stay warm while looking good. The gloves are a drivers style cut with an inset thumb, which means these gloves provide an extremely comfortable fit around your hand and fingers.

And best of all? These gloves are proudly made in our Burnaby, BC factory, so you know you’re getting a consistently quality glove every time you purchase The Duke and The Duchess.

9597 Winter Flyer

9597 The Duke Infographic. Click for larger size.

The Duke and The Duchess come in two colours, so you can go for the sleek, smokey black look, or the bold, flashy gold look. No matter which look you choose, you’ll be traversing the outdoors in style!

For the Perfect White Elephant/Secret Santa Gift

We did say we have a Winter glove for your every need and we know there’s always that one gift exchange or friend where you’re struggling to come up with a gift idea. Don’t feel guilty ‘cause we made it easy picking out the perfect gift for the exchange, your friend, or even yourself!

Your imaginary hand phone is no longer imaginary with the 410 Call Me where you can pick up your phone calls with your hand (make sure the glove is on your hand though)! It’s simple and there’s only two steps: 1) use the glove’s Bluetooth ability to connect with your mobile phone and 2) put your thumb to your ear and make that business/family/appointment call, you important person.

How does it work? There’s a built-in ear piece on the thumb and a built-in microphone on the wrist so you can make the call, along with a play button to pick up calls and volume buttons in case you want to lower the volume when your mum is asking you for the umpteenth time to bring the turkey for Christmas dinner. Call Me is also a touchscreen glove with conductive yarn fibers on the thumb, index and middle fingers, so you can still swipe right, left, up, or down on your phone.

Winter is Coming

We hope this guide has steered you in the right direction in picking out the best gloves that fit your needs this Winter season. After all, your hands need the greatest of protection – coupled with the cold weather coming in, you need to make sure you have the quality glove to protect you from hazards and the elements. Winter will be here before you know it, so make sure you get the right glove this season before braving the cold, whether it’s for work or for leisure.

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