Ultimate Winter Work Glove Guide 2021 Season

The Ultimate Winter Work Glove Guide for 2021

Gloves are important to many jobs and even more important during the winter time. It’s a season that brings on many challenges due to the colder, wetter climate. That’s why we bring you the ultimate winter work glove guide for the 2021 winter season. See below the right gloves you can get for your job.

Note: Some gloves are new, updated styles of older gloves. When buying online from retailers, please make sure to look at what style you are buying.

For the Environmentally Conscious

Do you believe that your work gloves can be made of recycled products? You better believe it ’cause Watson Gloves has it! This year, we’ve launched our WasteNot™ line – the first gloves in the market to use recycled post consumer PET bottles as material. Continuing off of our success with our spring WasteNot™ gloves, such as 373 Stealth Hero and 375 Karma, we’re releasing our first WasteNot™ winter work glove – 9394 Stealth Transformer! That’s right – with polyester lining and shell made of WasteNot™ yarn, which uses 2 bottles for every glove made, along with a crinkle latex palm coating for a sure-grip in wet conditions and an EN388:2016 3232X Rating, you can take these eco-conscious seamless knit gloves with you for a variety of applications.

For Getting Things Done

Work doesn’t get done by itself. It needs a good worker and a good pair of gloves. For years, countless workers on sites have relied on our popular winter work gloves, 94002 Red Baron and 9545 Scape Goat. This year, we’ve expanded both the Red Baron and Goat family with 94001 Red Baron and 9547 Van Goat.

The extended gauntlet style cuff in 94001 Red Baron provides additional wrist protection against the elements, along with retaining the heavy Sherpa lining and premium full-grain cowhide leather that Red Baron fans know and love from the classic.

Red Baron Heavy Sherpa Lining

Heavy sherpa liner found in Red Baron gloves

The 9547 Van Goat adds a Cutshield™  P-aramid/polyester/glass liner for superior cut resistance (ANSI A5 Cut Level). With 3M Thinsulate™ C100 lining and hard-wearing full-grain goatskin leather, 9547 Van Goat is a worthy upgrade for those looking for extra protection. Also available are TPR versions for additional impact protection.

For Combatting Wet Conditions

If you’re exposed to wet conditions often, a water resistant glove will do you a lot of good. After all, who wants wet, cold, freezing hands?

We got some great features in our gloves that can protect you from wet conditions. Dryhide™ leather is specially treated leather that is water and/or oil resistant and breathable. Some of our gloves, such as the new upgraded 9246i Moscow Mule, Canadian made 95782 Storm Trooper, and the popular 9005W Flextime, have Dryhide™ leather, which keeps liquids from penetrating the leather.

You can also look for gloves with the Hy+Dry® barrier, such as 9403 Stealth Stingray and 91051 The Breakdown. This breathable barrier provides an extra layer of protection from wind and water, while keeping your hands warm, dry, and comfortable.

For those dealing with liquids beyond water, 9408 Stealth Iceman can help get the job done with its chemical resistant double dipped PVC coating. The unique texture coating helps channel away liquids while maintaining a sure-grip on wet surfaces.

For Getting the Absolute Best in Class

When regular work gloves just doesn’t cut it for your job and you’re looking for the absolute best in class, Watson Gloves has you covered with our heavy duty gloves, Commander and Shock Trooper.

9585 Commander is packed with a slew of features important for the winter, including the Hy+Dry® water resistant barrier. Also packed in the glove is Polariz™ microfleece lining, which helps reflect the body’s radiant heat back inside, Cold MX™ CS 55G palm/CS 115G back, which provides windproof, thermal efficiency and anti-bacterial properties, Dryfibre™ water resistant synthetic leather palm, D3O® iA TPR, and touchscreen compatible fingertips.

On the other side of the ring is our other heavyweight champ, Shock Trooper. Available in regular cuff style and gauntlet style, Shock Trooper provides wide protection from hazards, including cut (ANSI A7 Cut Level), puncture (ANSI 5 Puncture Level), impact (ANSI/ISEA 138 Level 3 & EN388:2016 2X44FP Rating), and water and oil. Rounding out this high performance glove are vibration absorbing EVA foam padded palm and wrist patches, and Kevlar® thread stitching for extra strength and durability.

Partial proceeds from these three gloves also go toward Wounded Warriors Canada. So when you invest in a pair of Commanders and Shock Troopers, you are also supporting Canada’s great veterans, first responders, and troops and their families.

Fight Winter with Tough Gloves

It’s important not to forget about protecting your hands this winter. Whether it’s working at the construction site or out in the fields, these gloves can provide you the best protection against harsh winter conditions. Ready to suit up with some quality Watson gloves?  Shop online now to find gloves that can be purchased from select retailers.

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