Work Armour: ProTech Rebranded

This past year Watson Gloves rebranded our line of performance gloves. What was ProTech is now Work Armour. You’ve seen performance gloves out in the world, not the sloppy work glove of old but new form fitting gloves. Made with bright color trim and extras such as gel padding in the palm or heavy duty rubber protective patches on the fingers or knuckles to protect your hands against hard impact or abrasion injuries. Under this brand are both winter lined and unlined styles of gloves, made with fit and protection in mind. Like all Watson Gloves the Work Armour styles all have their own names such as Extreme, Daytona, Wingman, Drill Sergeant and the made in Canada best seller Storm Trooper, to name a few.

Our Work Armour performance gloves are made to fit “like a glove” and  to achieve this we added spandex to a number to styles. When a glove is made with multiple materials (leather, neoprene, spandex, mesh, microfibre, etc) the designer has more flexibility to do what’s needed to make it the best. Design is done with an end goal in mind. What sport or occupation are the gloves to be worn for? What are the sport or job hazards? What potential injuries could occur? Where are the critical wear areas? Once we answer these questions our design team can begin. Often the process is begun because of need expressed by one of our customers. Our job is to listen.

We then get sample(s) made and have the customer try them out. There is no substitute for actual wear & tear on the job. We want our customer to wear a pair at work or wear them while doing the sport they are designed for. Only then will we know what to improve. What is the glove lacking? What areas could we improve upon? What could WE do better to make this a glove you want to wear? Let us know, we want to hear what you have to say!

The Work Armour series of gloves is the result of years of development and we’re proud to offer them to you. Try a pair on! Your hands will thank you.

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  1. Carol Ng, Occupational Therapist on

    Often, my patients need some protection for their injured hands, especially in handling power tools, to reduce the amount of jarring and sensitivity on the area of concern. It’s good to know that your company provides options.


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