“Spring 2016 was our first season with Watson Gloves. We started out with the Hi-Visibility “Convict” series and have added the boxed disposables for fall 2016.  There is something different about the enthusiasm Watson brings to the glove market. This was evident the day that Kasey walked into the clothing committee meeting.  The committee members were thinking “Ugh…not another glove vendor” but when he left the meeting we had drank the Kool-Aid. Watson brings innovative technology to an otherwise boring category (in my opinion.)  We have had no issues with delivery into the US from Canada. It’s been seamless from my perspective. Kasey and Rosemary have been terrific to work with and have treated our nine stores that carry limited Watson skus as if we were a much larger customer.”

Pam Ehmke
L&M Supply


“Watson Glove has continually surpassed our expectations as a vendor partner and we’re very excited to be growing our business with them”.

Chris Odegard



“Red Baron is a high quality glove that has done exceptionally well in all of our stores.

The incredible branding of the hanger tag is hard to not notice in the array of many gloves

to choose from!”

Jay Carroll