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Watson Gloves Leather Scraps Recycled Stats 2023

1) Reducing Our Footprint

We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint throughout our business. Read about all of the changes we are constantly making.

Wounded Warrior Commander Glove

2) Helping Our Community

We’re always making an effort to give back to the community, whether that’s partnerships, fundraisers, or food, clothing and money donations to local communities. See what community initiatives we participate in and also how you can partner with us.

Green Monkey Flyer Ad

3) Creating Sustainable Product

It’s important for us to do our part and develop products that are sustainable. See what sustainable products we have out right now and what we’re currently designing and testing.

Watson Gloves Building Exterior

4) Workplace

Watson Gloves is committed to ethically sourcing products and making sure its employees are treated with respect and have the resources and tools necessary to thrive in the workplace.