Bottles To Gloves Watson Gloves WasteNot Yarn

WasteNot™ is yarn that is made from recycled plastic PET (polyethylene terephthalate – a form of polyester) bottles. Plastic bottles made from PET are recycled and turned into polyester to make our sustainable gloves. These gloves help the environment without the compromise in quality and performance. WasteNot™ yarn is Global Recycled Standard certified.

Reclaim Logo Landfill Biodegradable

Reclaim™ additive enhances product biodegradability in landfill conditions. Reclaim™ additive attracts microbes, which enables products to breakdown and biodegrade into biogas. The biogas is harnessed by modern smart landfills to create energy, such as electricity, and complete the cycle for a circular economy.

3M Eco-Thinsulate Now in Watson Gloves'

Watson Gloves saw an opportunity to elevate the industrial PPE industry and be a market innovator by using recycled materials in winter glove lining. Industrial workers can go through numerous pairs of gloves each year due to rugged daily use, and the used products end up in landfills. In collaboration with 3M, Watson Gloves now includes Recycled Thinsulate lining in many winter styles, bringing sustainability to the job site without compromising warmth or performance.

High performance gloves designed for sustainability with 360 degrees of recycled material. Crafted with a microsuede palm from recycled plastic bottles (rPET) and a flexible Stretch-Spandex back woven with Watson Gloves’ WasteNot™ rPET polyester yarn.

Dryhide™ is a specially treated leather that is breathable and water resistant up to 3 hours. Dryhide™ blocks liquids from penetrating the leather and dries soft keeping your hands dry and comfortable. Also available is oil resistant treated leather.

D3O Logo Watson Gloves

Watson Gloves integrates D3O® smart material for back of hand impact protection and anti-vibration dampening in the palm. In its raw state D3O® flows freely when moved slowly, but on shock, locks together to absorb and disperse energy, before instantly returning to its flexible state.

CutShield Logo

Cutshield™ is a cut resistant liner made from a blend of P-aramid, steel and polyester fibres. Available in cut levels A5, A6, A7.

Titanfibre Logo

Titanfibre™ is the highest abrasion resistant synthetic palm suede on the market. Abrasion resistant up to 4000+ cycles.

Kool Knit Logo

Kool Knit™ performance yarn wicks away sweat from the skin, is quick drying and exceptionally comfortable to wear.