A Thoughtful Mother’s Day Glove Gift Guide

Mother’s Day comes just once a year, yet we all know that one day is hardly enough to celebrate everything Mom does. That’s why our 2024 Mother’s Day Gift Guide is brimming with more than just gifts—it’s about experiences, too. We’ve curated a selection of gloves perfect for bringing your family together while also safeguarding everyone’s hands. Why not mark this Mother’s Day with a spring or summer project that involves the whole family? Whether it’s transforming your yard or balcony into an oasis for Mom, adding a splash of color to your garden, or cultivating a mini edible garden, let’s make every day special for Mom!

10 Mother's Day gift ideas that'll surprise Mom

A mother’s impact is profound, guiding future generations hand-in-hand. Whether you’re celebrating your mom, sister, grandmother, or best friend, our unique Mother’s Day gifts are a thoughtful way to show appreciation for all they do. This year, honor their dedication by protecting their most valuable tools—their hands—with gifts that match their strength and resilience.

Homegrown You Grow Girl Gardening Glove


Our most popular gardening style

'You Grow Girl'

Equip Mom with our Homegrown 197 “You Grow Girl” sustainable gardening gloves, crafted for a woman’s hand. These gloves provide a sustainable option with their comfortable WasteNot™ spandex back, crafted from 96% recycled post-consumer PET bottles. Say goodbye to wet hands while gardening—You Grow Girl’s Dryhide™ water-resistant full-grain goatskin leather palm keeps hands dry, even in damp soil and soggy conditions. With features like leather hooded fingertips, a knuckle bar, a reinforced thumb patch, a pulse protector, and an extended cuff, these gloves make sure Mom’s hands are shielded from twigs, branches, and thorns. Perfect for gardening, landscaping, and yard work, “You Grow Girl” gloves offer durability, comfort, and style, making them an excellent addition to Mom’s gardening toolbox.

9896 The Duchess


Premium Leather Gloves

'The Duchess'

Treat Mom to the elegance and superior craftsmanship of Watson Gloves’ The Duchess Black Leather Gloves. Crafted from premium full-grain leather, these gloves are not only soft and flexible but also exceptionally durable. Designed with a driver’s style and an inset thumb, they offer additional padding for a more comfortable fit, perfect for all of Mom’s activities. The snug-fitting shirred elastic wrist and slip-on style cuff ensure easy on/off. Tailored for a woman’s hands and available also in gold, these gloves are proudly made in our Burnaby, BC, Canada factory, embodying the quality and care Mom deserves.

Homegrown Fresh Air Glove


A fresh addition to the garden

'Fresh Air'

Give Mom the gift of style and sustainability with Watson Gloves’ kitchy tropical-inspired 198 “Fresh Air” sustainable Homegrown gardening gloves. These gloves feature a durable microfibre palm and padded patches, with hooded fingertips and a knuckle bar offering strength and durability for all her gardening tasks. The form-fitting spandex back is upgraded with our sustainable WasteNot™ polyester, made from 96% recycled post-consumer PET bottles. They are also touchscreen-compatible, allowing Mom to use all her devices without taking them off. A snug-fitting elastic wrist with a secure Velcro® closure keeps debris out, making gardening a breeze. Perfect for the mom who enjoys fresh air and fresh blooms.

Homegrown 317 Lite As A Feather Gardening Glove


Sustainability & Ultimate Comfort

'Lite As A Feather'

Help Mom rediscover the joy of hands-on gardening with Watson Gloves’ Homegrown 317 “Lite as a Feather” Sustainable Gardening Gloves. These gloves feature an exceptionally lightweight polyurethane coated palm that provides a tactile feel essential for handling soil and delicate plants. They are perfect for weeding, potting, or planting, offering enhanced dexterity and finger sensitivity. The polyurethane coating, engineered with Reclaim™ technology, accelerates the biodegradation of the glove in landfill conditions. Made from a WasteNot™ polyester textured seamless knit, which includes 50% (+/- 2%) recycled post-consumer PET bottles, these gloves ensure a secure grip. Ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue during long gardening sessions and with a snug-fitting knit wrist to keep out dirt and debris. The ‘Lite as a Feather’ glove is specially made for a woman’s hand, making it an excellent choice for Mom’s gardening, landscaping, yard work, and general-purpose tasks.

2782 Fired Up Heavy Metal Welding Gloves for Women


Fabricate with Gloves that Fit

'Fired up'

Is Mom picking up a new hobby, or perhaps she’s already burning rods with the best of them in the shop? Welding and fabrication are no longer just a boy’s club, yet finding properly fitting PPE remains a challenge—and the right fit can make all the difference. Our 2782 “Fired Up” welding gloves are designed just for that. They offer improved dexterity, a comfortable fit, and crucial protection, ensuring Mom’s hands stay safe while she shines in this tough trade. With a Cutshield™ P-aramid/steel/polyester liner, stitched with resilient Kevlar® thread, and featuring a robust full-grain cowhide leather palm with reinforced thumb and index finger plus a split cowhide back, these gloves are built to last. A gauntlet-style cuff with a snug-fitting shirred elastic wrist keeps dirt and debris out, letting Mom focus on mastering her craft.


A Hard-Wearing Classic

'Man Handlers for Her'

While it may not be the most glamorous of Mother’s Day gifts, hardworking moms on the ranch, farm, or homestead will surely value the excellent fit and durable design of our 1651 “Man Handlers For Her.” Crafted from full-grain cowhide leather with a wraparound index finger and inset keystone thumb, they are built to protect her hands during even the toughest tasks. Perfect for the mom who isn’t afraid to get her gloves dirty, these leather work gloves offer both protection and comfort, helping her to continue doing what she loves with ease.

Homegrown Cool It Seamless Knit Gloves with Kool Knit for Hot Summer Conditions from Watson Gloves


Hot Hands Meet their Match

'Cool It'

Keep Mom cool and comfortable as she tends to her garden or enhances her outdoor spaces with Watson Gloves’ 318 “Cool It” sustainable Homegrown garden and landscaping gloves. These gloves are packed with innovative features like Watson’s ECO Kool Knit™, which is moisture-wicking to ensure her hands stay cool and dry, even in warm climates. The knit is made using WasteNot™ performance yarn, derived from 24% (+/- 2%) recycled post-consumer PET bottles. Additionally, the touchscreen-enabled palm and finger coating is crafted from a sustainability-focused foam latex engineered with Reclaim™ technology to accelerate biodegradation in landfill conditions, making them an ideal choice for the sustainability-minded mom.


Comfortable leather work gloves

'Range Rider'

Treat Mom to the ultimate in comfort with our ultra-comfortable leather Range Rider gloves. Crafted from buttery soft full-grain deerskin leather and designed in a driver’s style, these gloves are tailored for go-getter Moms. Featuring a slip-on cuff with shirred elastic wrist, they are specifically made to fit a woman’s hand perfectly. Ideal for the mom who appreciates both practicality and luxury in her tools.

9382 Lady Baa Baa



'Lady Baa Baa'

While winter may be two seasons away, it’s never too early (especially for our Canadian readers) to plan for the cold. Gift Mom our most popular women’s winter glove, Watson Gloves’ Cozy 9382 “Lady Baa Baa” Winter Gloves, and ensure she’s prepared with the ultimate blend of comfort and warmth. These gloves feature a fleecy sherpa shell made with sustainable WasteNot polyester, consisting of 96% recycled PET bottles. The lining is crafted from warm and lightweight 3M Recycled Thinsulate E60, made from 78% post-consumer recycled materials, keeping Mom cozy when the chill sets in. The gloves’ touchscreen-compatible palm and fingertips mean she won’t have to remove them to use her phone. Designed specifically for a woman’s hand, they include a snug-fitting shirred elastic wrist and a convenient slip-on style cuff for easy wear and removal. Perfect for planning ahead, these gloves are a cozy promise of comfort for future winter days.

Homegrown 314 Game of Throns Gardening Gloves


Battle Thorns in Style

'Game of Thorns'

Is Mom ready to claim her throne as the queen of gardening? Equip her with the 307 “Game of Thorns” gloves, perfect for those who rule over rose beds or battle invasive blackberry bushes. Featuring a tropical leaf pattern and a WasteNot™ spandex back made from 96% recycled PET bottles, these gloves are fit for gardening royalty. The 7″ synthetic leather cuff, laminated with PVC, offers excellent wrist and forearm protection, ensuring her reign over the garden remains unchallenged. With a durable microfiber leather palm and extra patch for extended wear, plus reinforced hooded fingertips, a knuckle bar, and a thumb saddle, the Game of Thorns gloves safeguard against all prickles and thorns. Available in Women’s Medium and Large, they ensure a snug fit, preparing Mom to win every battle against the wilderness of her garden.

Rosé All Day

During a day in the garden, our new Homegrown™ Rosé gloves are the perfect vintage for Mom. They are crafted from recycled WasteNot™ yarn and feature a biodegradable sandy latex coating.

Is Mom tired of having wet hands while working? Now she can tackle wet soil and mud with Rosé, featuring a water-resistant treatment that repels water for up to five washes, helping to ensure her hands stay dry. The snug-fitting seamless knit wrist, extended for enhanced protection, prevents dirt and debris from entering her gloves.

Rosé is certified by the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, these gloves are a product that you can trust not to be harmful to your health due to chemicals or other harmful substances.

Bring Your Family Together with a Spring or Summer Project

Mother’s Day is always a great time for new plans and fresh ideas. With the change in seasons, it’s the perfect opportunity to bring the whole family together for a new project. Whether it’s freshening up the yard or planting some veggies, these activities can lead into summer, creating lasting memories and a vibrant outdoor space.

317 Lite As A Feather Lightweight Gardening Glove

Planting a Native Species Garden

Native plants like St. John’s Wort, Goldenrod, Milkweed, Camas, and Nodding Onion are more than just visually appealing—they are pivotal to sustaining local ecosystems. They provide essential habitats and food sources for wildlife, including migratory birds and pollinators.

375 Karma Sustainable Gardening Beets Gloves

How to Grow Your Own Vegetables

Spring is in the air, the weather is starting to warm up, and you don’t want to wait on planting your seeds. Here’s a quick simple guide to help get you started with seeding and growing your own garden of vegetables.

375 Karma Gardening Glove in Raised Garden Bed

Raised Garden Bed Project

Bring your family together this spring or summer for an exciting raised garden bed project! With a raised garden bed you can grow veggies, herbs, fruits, and flowers right at your doorstep, regardless of your outdoor space. This project is a wonderful opportunity to involve the whole family.

Gloves for the Whole Family

Family projects can’t get done without the right tools in hand. You might have everything to drill, dig, spread, break, plant, and water, but what about protecting your family’s most important tool—their hands? We have gloves for the whole family, from the littlest wranglers to the most seasoned task-masters. Keep your whole family protected on your next big spring or summer project.

Seamless Knits

for comfort and dexterity while working around the yard. These general-purpose gloves not only offer a sure grip but also bring a sustainable edge with WasteNot™ Yarn and Reclaim™ technology, featured in our 375 ‘Karma’ and 373 ‘Hero’ models. Perfect for families seeking both functionality and environmental responsibility in their outdoor projects.

Range Riders

for extra comfort during those tough outdoor tasks. Our Range Rider gloves come in sizes to fit the entire family, from XL to XXS, including options specifically crafted for kids and women’s hands. These leather gloves combine durability with a buttery-soft fit, ensuring everyone can work together comfortably and efficiently on any project.

Range Riders

for extra comfort during those tough outdoor tasks. Our Range Rider gloves come in sizes to fit the entire family, from XL to XXS, including options specifically crafted for kids and women’s hands. These leather gloves combine durability with a buttery-soft fit, ensuring everyone can work together comfortably and efficiently on any project.

Leather Combo Family Set Gloves

Leather Combos

for tackling heavy-duty tasks around the house. Explore our durable leather combo gloves, designed for both Mom and Her Little Helper. These gloves offer robust protection and comfort, ensuring that every family member can participate safely and effectively in those tougher projects.

High Performance Favorites

Our high-performance Work Armour work gloves are a popular choice for construction tasks. The classic Flextime glove for men and its counterpart, the Iron Lady glove for women, are crafted from hard-wearing Dryhide™ goatskin leather, providing water resistance and exceptional dexterity. These gloves feature a comfortable and breathable WasteNot™ spandex back made from 96% post-consumer recycled PET bottles, perfectly aligning with your sustainability goals.

A Watson Gloves Classic - 005 Flextime High Performance Glove

012 'Iron Lady' for Mom

A Watson Gloves Classic - 005 Flextime High Performance Glove

005 'Flextime' for Dad

As we embrace the vibrant days of spring and summer, there’s no better time to come together as a family. Whether it’s revitalizing the garden, building a new deck, or any other ambitious endeavor, the right gloves from our collection will ensure everyone’s hands are protected. Is there any better way to celebrate Mother’s Day and thank Mom?

We’d love to hear about the projects you’re planning and the gloves you’ll be gifting. Comment below and let us know what your family project will be, and what style you’ll be gifting to mom this year!

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