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The Ultimate Winter Work Glove Guide for 2023/24

Winter’s here, bringing with it the toughest jobs in the harshest conditions. Amidst the grit and determination of tradespeople powering through icy mornings and frost-covered sites, there’s one crucial tool we all rely on – the winter work glove.

These aren’t just your everyday gloves; they’re the rugged barrier that stands between you and the relentless cold, ensuring your tasks are accomplished no matter what.

Watson Gloves' Spring to Winter Product Guide

Every year, we release a winter glove guide. This year, we’ve changed things up. Not only have we provided glove selections tailored to each winter work scenario, but we’ve also introduced a guide to effortlessly transition your favorite spring or summer glove to its winter counterpart. Now you can transition between seasons with ease.

Note: Some gloves in this guide are brand new, while others have improved features. If you’re purchasing online or in-store, double-check that the glove you’re buying has the updated features you require.

Winter Work Conditions

94001 Red Baron Winter Work Glove

Cold Weather Tasks

LARGE_ 9394 Transformer Sustainable Winter Seamless Knit Work Glove

Chilly Precision Work

TALL BUTTON _9005W Flextime High Performance Winter Work Glove

Wet & Cold Workdays

95785 Shock Trooper impact protection oil resistant lined leather winter gloves

Premium Winter Protection

Extreme Cold Winter Gloves from Watson Gloves

Extreme Cold Challenges

Watson Gloves partners with 3M Thinsulate to launch new industrial work glove product line with sustainable insulation

NEW 3M Recycled Thinsulate™

Glove Temperature Chart

Watson Gloves Winter Glove Temperature Chart 2023

Cold Weather Tasks

Temperatures drop, but the work doesn’t stop. Crafted for the construction sites, ranches, and farms that don’t rest for winter.

Our Van Goat and Scape Goat Winter Work Glove Series has quickly become the G.O.A.T. of the job site, with a complete line of hard-wearing winter ready no-nonsense gloves. The 9547 Van Goat adds a Cutshield™ P-aramid/steel/polyester liner for superior cut resistance (ANSI A7 Cut Level). With 3M Thinsulate™ C100 lining and hard-wearing full-grain goatskin leather, 9547 Van Goat is a worthy upgrade for those looking for extra protection. Also available with TPR for additional impact protection.

The 9541 Scape Goat Mitt, 9545TPR Scape Goat, and 9545 Scape Goat gloves have now received a sustainable upgrade in the form of a warm 3M Recycled Thinsulate™ EC100 lining made from 78% post-consumer recycled materials.

9549TPR1F Van Goat 1 Finger Mitt

For years, countless job sites, farms, and workshops have relied on our popular Red Baron winter work gloves.

As a trusted name in winter work gloves, our Red Baron collection includes many features that meet the needs of cold weather work conditions. Lets start inside the glove, where you’ll find a Heavy Sherpa Lining. The outer shell boasts a hard wearing full-grain cowhide leather palm, fingertips and knucklebar.

♻️ Yeah, that’s right, even our classic Red Barons now have a sustainable element! The 94005 and 94001 now include a WasteNot™ spandex back made from 96% recycled post consumer PET bottles.

Red Baron Winter Work Glove

Leather Combo gloves can be easily overlooked, but they’re considered classics for a reason. With hard-wearing materials, easy on-and-off, and extended safety cuffs, the leather combo might not be the belle of the winter ball, but with a rugged design — they’re built to knuckle down and get the job done.

Are you looking for that perfect in-between glove? Something with the rugged style and feel of life on the ranch but can seamlessly transfer from work to play?

Our Crazy Horse winter gloves might be the Work/Life hybrid you’ve been looking for. With a classic heritage style and the hard-wearing durability you require. Warmth, you ask? Well, we didn’t skimp there; Crazy Horse has a PLUSH sherpa lining. Do you need more? Check out the Velvety soft 350g Cotton Velvet Lining in our new 9594 Crazy Horse Grain, which also boasts Crazy Horse’s first Dryhide™ water-resistant full-grain goatskin leather.

9590 Crazy Horse Winter Glove Keeping Hand Warm with Sherpa Lining Split Deerskin Leather

Chilly Precision Work

For extended outdoor work that’s more than a breeze but less than a storm. Ensure your hands stay warm, have the grip they need, and remain dexterous throughout.

9394 Stealth Transformer Sustainable Winter Work Gloves from Watson Gloves

If you haven’t used heated gloves yet, well then why not treat yourself?! Say goodbye to chilly fingers and frozen hands that stop you from getting the job done. With innovative designs and modern tech, we’ve made two battery-powered heated options that’ll keep your hands from turning blue.

9509 Black Ice Heated Glove Liner

— — —  3 LEVELS OF HEAT  — — —

3 Levels of Heat in Watson Gloves' Heated Gloves

Zipper pocket includes a small, lightweight rechargeable battery!

Weathering Wet & Cold Workdays

For those confronting the wet snow, icy surroundings, or slushy worksites, a water-resistant glove is indispensable. Nobody wants to endure the discomfort of wet, freezing hands. These gloves stand as a trusty shield against winter’s many challenges.

When it comes to demanding winter jobs, you need work gloves that don’t back down. “Triple Threat” is aptly named, offering a threefold defense against impacts, cuts, and the harsh duo of water and cold. This glove doesn’t just protect; it stands out in the toughest conditions.

Beyond winter-ready hand-protection, “Triple Threat” brings a quantifiable sustainability edge. Made with WasteNot™ polyester knit made from recycled plastic bottles (rPET), each pair diverts 2.5 of those 500 mL bottles away from landfills. Plus, it saves on 36g of CO2 emissions compared to using standard polyester. Weather protection, hazard protection, and sustainability—all in one. That’s a “Triple Threat.”

Watson Gloves' 9398TPR Stealth Triple Threat on the Construction Site

We got some great features in our gloves that can protect you from wet conditions. Dryhide™ leather is specially treated leather that is water and/or oil resistant and breathable. Some of our gloves, such as the new upgraded 9246i Mule, Canadian made 95782 Storm Trooper, and the popular 9005W Flextime, have Dryhide™ leather, which keeps liquids from penetrating the leather.

The new lined 9005CR Flextime includes all the hard-wearing ‘Flextime’ comfort you’ve come to know and love in 9005W, but now with a CutSheild™ ANSI A6 Cut Resistant Liner and Sustainable Recycled Thinsulate for performance in cold conditions *EC60 palm/ EC100 back* made from 78% post-consumer recycled materials.

Made in Canada Storm Trooper Gloves

You can also look for gloves with the Hy+Dry® barrier, such as 9403 Stealth Stingray and 91051 The Breakdown. This breathable barrier provides an extra layer of protection from wind and water, while keeping your hands warm, dry, and comfortable.

Hy+Dry Barrier 9403 Stealth Seamless Knit Glove
9403 Stealth Stingray Lined Seamless Knit Winter Work Glove

When it comes to facing the elements head-on, our newest glove, the “Deadliest Catch” Nº 9454, is your trusted companion. Crafted for those venturing into chilly, damp, or coastal environments, this glove provides excellent protection while maintaining exceptional flexibility and grip under adverse weather.

But this glove isn’t just about weathering storms. With features like Acrylic Lining, Polyurethane Coating, and a 30cm Gauntlet Cuff, it’s clear: the “Deadliest Catch” Nº 9454 is ready for whatever the sea—or job—throws your way.

9454 Deadliest Catch Textured Polyurethane Water Resistant Lined Glove

Extreme Cold Challenges

Designed for the most biting cold and protect against winter’s harshest elements – be it an unexpected truck stop in the mountains, the fierce chill of the extreme north, or the demanding life on the power lines. With outstanding insulation, water-resistant leather, and innovative designs for optimal heat distribution, these gloves are the perfect fit for cold outdoor tasks, making them a prime choice for utility professionals and many more.

Looking for rugged utility gloves to keep up with the demanding work of life on the line? Introducing our new Powerline™ — Developed with input from local pros, rigorously tested in real-world conditions, and built to handle the tough challenges that lineworkers face every day.

Premium Winter Protection

When regular work gloves just don’t cut it for your job and you’re seeking the absolute best in class, Watson Gloves has your back with our heavy-duty Shock Trooper gloves.

Available in both regular cuff and gauntlet style, the Shock Trooper offers comprehensive protection against job site hazards. This includes cut (ANSI A7 Cut Level), puncture (ANSI 5 Puncture Level), impact (ANSI/ISEA 138 Level 3 & EN388:2016 2X44FP Rating), as well as resistance to water and oil. Want to reduce your carbon footprint without compromising on protection? The Shock Trooper gloves now feature 3M Recycled Thinsulate™ EC60 palm/EC100 back, crafted with 78% post-consumer recycled materials. To complement its high performance, the glove also boasts vibration-absorbing EVA foam padded palm and wrist patches, reinforced with Kevlar® thread stitching for added strength and longevity.

LARGE_ 95785 Shock Trooper impact protection oil resistant lined leather winter gloves

Partial proceeds from these two gloves also go toward Wounded Warriors Canada. So when you invest in a pair of Shock Troopers, you are also supporting Canada’s great veterans, first responders, and troops and their families.

Fight Winter with Tough Gloves

It’s important not to forget about protecting your hands this winter. Whether it’s working at the construction site or out in the fields, these gloves can provide you the best protection against harsh winter conditions. Ready to suit up with some quality Watson gloves?  Shop online now to find gloves that can be purchased from select retailers.

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