Let us help to reduce injuries, cost and consumption through our on-site hazard assessment. It’s an easy 5 step process. Our Sustainable Watson Assessment Team will perform assessments of all potential exposure areas through an on-site inspection, followed up with written recommendations on their evaluations and ways to consolidate your glove offerings.

Call to book a no cost, no obligation Watson Gloves S.W.A.T audit. It’s an easy 5 step process to reduce injuries, consumption, cost and waste:

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  • What gloves are currently being used
  • What is the injury rate and the cost of these injuries to the employer and employee in lost workdays, efficiency, etc?
SWAT Checkmark from Watson Gloves


  • Assess your operations and examine glove usage throughout the facilities to determine potential opportunities for improvement
  • S.W.A.T. members interview management and key employees to determine glove usage, job responsibilities and training
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  • It is important to properly fit workers with gloves that are correct for the specific jobs, prevent injuries, while maintaining the highest quality in the work place
  • Written recommendations on how to reduce injuries, consumption and costs as well as how to consolidate your current glove offering will be presented to you in a professional report
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  • Quantify the impact of utilizing our sustainable gloves. We start by calculating the carbon footprint for each style of glove. That information used to calculate equivalent energy savings using the EPA WARM model. This information combined with your specific usage provides a custom sustainability impact report that can be used to credit your scope 3 emissions
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  • After the S.W.A.T program is implemented, we will continuously follow-up with you to ensure our recommendations are successful and make continuous improvements to the program

example of our custom sustainability impact report
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