Creating Sustainable Products

We’re always at the cutting-edge with glove innovation and that means being more conscious of our environment and making more sustainable products. Landfill biodegradable products and products that use recyclable materials are prime examples of eco-conscious products we’re proudly creating at Watson Gloves. See the latest eco-friendly innovations we’re working on below.


Watson Gloves is proud to bring to the world our collection of Reclaim™ landfill biodegradable gloves. Reclaim™ gloves provide the same performance and durability as regular gloves, but now better for the environment, as these sustainable gloves degrade in 5-10 years (in modern landfills based on ASTM-D5511 and ASTM-D5526 standards) compared to the 50-200 years it takes for regular gloves.

Additionally, when Reclaim™ biodegradable gloves are disposed of properly in modern landfills, they go through a biodegradation process that results in the gloves converting into energy and fuel, which can then be used to power homes, businesses, and communities.

By turning gloves to energy, it closes the loop to a previously linear process with disposable waste by bringing energy back to society. This creates a circular economy, as Reclaim™ gloves provide additional use as energy after its end of life as a glove product.

Now, you can continue doing your job, while Reclaim™ biodegradable gloves do its job turning #GlovesToEnergy.

Learn more about how you can turn gloves to energy with Reclaim™ gloves!

Gloves to Energy Reclaim Infographic

Reclaim™ Infographic. Click for larger size.

Green Monkey™

Green Monkey™ is a line of landfill biodegradable disposable gloves that use Reclaim™ additive to help with the biodegradation process. It’s a product that has taken off since its release and we’re feeling the love both from our customers and retailers. It has been featured in numerous articles, such as The Guardian and Ottawa Citizen, and on CTV’s Marilyn Denis show.

These environmentally-friendly nitrile disposable gloves break down in only 8-11 years, as compared to 200 years with regular nitrile disposables. Biodegradation begins when the gloves are discarded in landfill conditions.

Once the biodegradation process begins, the Reclaim™ additive in the Green Monkey™ nitrile disposable gloves ensures that the gloves do not just break down into smaller plastic pieces, but are converted to biogas. The biogas is then turned into clean renewable energy to help recharge our world.

Get your hands on our popular biodegradable Green Monkey™ gloves now, available in 4 mil, 6 mil, and 8 mil!

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Green Monkey™ Infographic. Click for larger size.


We’re excited to announce WasteNot™ yarn into select products. Due to increased awareness of the harm that plastic pollution produces, there is greater demand for ways to deal with our plastic waste and WasteNot™ is our innovative way to be more sustainable.

We take recycled plastic water bottles and break it down into pellets, which is then spun into yarn. This type of yarn material is what we call WasteNot™. It is certified by the Global Recycled Standard, which validates recycled fibre content claims and composition. Many big players in the clothing industry have taken strides to make products through recyclable materials, and Watson Gloves is proud to be the first in the glove industry to bring recyclable products into the market and continues to push the envelope with our innovations and technology in sustainable products. #BottlestoGloves

Learn more about WasteNot™ and the process here.

WasteNot Process Infographic

WasteNot™ Process Infographic. Click for larger size.


Homegrown™ is an environmentally sustainable line of gardening gloves, which uses our new WasteNot™ yarn in a variety of ways. Some styles, such as our new 204 Sparrow, feature a spandex back that is made up of 96% recycled WasteNot™ yarn, while others, such as the 375 Karma, have 25% (+/- 2%) recycled WasteNot™ yarn – that’s equal to one whole recycled water bottle (500ml) used to make one pair of these gloves!

Our new Homegrown™ brand is perfect for hard-working gardeners that make informed choices about the products they buy and their environmental impact.

Go green with your gardening and explore the eco-conscious gloves in the Homegrown™ line here.

View all of our sustainable products here.

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Homegrown™ Infographic. Click for larger size.

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