BizNasty Wide Open Shot

BizNasty Droppin’ the Hockey Gloves for Watson Gloves

Paul Bissonnette, otherwise more popularly known as “BizNasty”, dropped his hockey gloves and retired from the ice rink in 2017. But now, as the co-host of the #1 hockey podcast, Spittin’ Chiclets from Barstool Sports, BizNasty is keeping his gloves on – Watson Gloves that is (not a big deal). In this hilarious collaboration, BizNasty teams up with Watson Gloves to share his favourite hobbies in his true outspoken fashion, all the while showing off his Watson gloves. Let’s check out the video and go over the gloves we see BizNasty donning.

“These days I don’t do anything without my gloves – Watson Gloves that is.”

It’s Sunny Days with Watson Gloves

BizNasty starts the video walking along the streets of Scottsdale, Arizona and looking like a true man rocket with his Canadian made Duke gloves. Smart choice – always good to have these gloves handy on you, rain or shine.

597 Duke

Also available in black and winter style

“Thanks to these bad boys, I can crank it all day long.”

Rockin’ It with Heavy Metal

Coming hot in 2021 is our NEW Heavy Metal collection. This collection is perfect for welding, and includes gloves with cut resistance, heat protection, and performance fit, such as our Black Velvet, Steel Panther, Meltdown, Ace of Spades, and Iron Fist. Whether you’re a metal junkie or a rookie, cracking the wrench or sparking up the torch, these gloves will keep those blisters at bay.

“I ride bareback so my hands don’t have to.”  😳

Baring It All For the Job

Wooahh Nelly. BizNasty holds no bars when he’s on the ranch. When you’re reigning in your stallions, your hands shouldn’t be bareback – use our Range Rider, Wild Deerskin, Stagline, Durabull, or our classic Hand Job seen in this scene. All are made with quality leather that’s durable and comfortable.

“My grip has always been a little bit suspect, but with these leathers, I am locked and loaded.”

Get Protection on the Fast Lane

Living life on the fast lane with your massive hog can be fun and exhilarating. But like BizNasty, your grip can be a little bit suspect on long rides. Our motorcycle gloves, such as our Road Hog, Low Rider, and Interstate seen here, are sturdy and will keep your hands locked and loaded wherever you go.


Also available in winter style

“Once in a while, life slows down, and there’s gloves for that too.”

Stop and Smell the Roses

BizNasty might fight like a butteryfly and sting like a bee, but in this clip, he slows it down to tend to his garden with our Game of Thorns gloves. If you’re dealing with thorny plants, shrubs, or bushes, Game of Thorns is great in protecting your hands thanks to its hard-wearing microfibre padded palm patch and reinforced hooded fingertips, knuckle bar, and thumb saddle.

“Isn’t it amazing what you can accomplish with gloves you trust?”

Walk the Walk with Watson Gloves

BizNasty takes us back to the streets of Scottsdale, Arizona and concludes by saying how amazing it is to accomplish so much with gloves you can trust. We’ve talked the talk, but if our 102 years of history shows us anything, we also walk the walk consistently for over a century with gloves our customers can always trust.

Whether you’re looking for gloves at work, at home or at play, get your hands in a pair of Watsons. You can purchase our gloves online whether you’re in Canada or in the USA.

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