329 Jade

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15gg landfill biodegradable ZeroWaste™ nylon seamless knit degrades in 5 years in anaerobic landfill conditions (ASTM D5511)
Eco-conscious biodegradable nitrile coating engineered with Reclaim™ technology
Conductive coating on palm and fingers can be used on all touchscreen devices
Ergonomically formed to help reduce hand fatigue
Snug-fitting seamless knit wrist keeps out dirt and debris
Made for a woman’s hand

Will show up to 48% biodegradation in ???????????? days (ASTM D5511). Once biodegradation begins, the gloves are converted into biogas and create energy to fuel our homes, businesses, and communities.

Learn how our biodegradable gloves can convert into energy here


XS 065537905839
S 065537901992
M 065537902005
L 065537902012

*Style Number: 329


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3 reviews for “329 Jade

  1. Tracey W on

    I have also just tried the new Homegrown Landfill Biodegradable gloves. Nice to know that they breakdown after time in the landfill and won’t sit there forever as garbage. They are nice and lightweight and very comfortable to wear. They are not as thick feeling and as stiff as the Homegrown Recycled Gloves so hopefully they are as durable. I wear a medium and they fit nicely.

  2. Amanda Meehan on

    Likely the best gardening gloves I’ve ever bought; I used to go through the strong cotton gloves 2/3 pairs a season – these are on year 3 now and still look like new! They fit so well I no longer get soil down the tops! inside my glove too! They’re nice and close fitting on the fingers for carefully planting of seedlings etc and give good touch/feel for what you’re working with. The fact they’re eco friendly as well as so great to use AND a decent price is just huge!!
    Massive fans of these gloves and highly recommended. I bought mine at Belgian Nursery, Breslau, Ontario and they carry a great range of the gloves there.

  3. Emily on

    I’m really enjoying these gloves. They feel breathable and flexible. They are durable and the touchscreen compatibility is super convenient. I love the fact that they are made from recycled bottles and will break down after they’ve been used. Perfect gloves for an eco friendly farmer!


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