397X6 Stealth Heavy Artillery

Average rating: 5

6 pair value pack
13gg hi-vis orange polyester shell
Gighly touch-sensitive with crinkle latex palm for a sure-grip
Open back design keeps hands cool
Snug-fitting knit wrist



abrasion cut oily tear puncture wet
Fair Fair Fair Fair Fair Fair
Good Good Good Good Good Good
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent


M 065537854748
L 065537854755
XL 065537854762

*Style Number: 397X6



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One review for “397X6 Stealth Heavy Artillery

  1. Cody Philips on

    My mame is Cody Philips. I am a treeplanter in Northern BC.
    I just wanted to give insight as a consumer and as part of a huge industry that contributes to much more of Watsons overall sales than may be expected.
    For interior rePlanting, I have personally found these particular (#397 Watson, Stealth, “Heavy Artillary”) Gloves to be the best for planting. Between price and durability,in which there are very fine equilibriums due to the ‘out of the ordinary’ nature of our job.
    For instance we go through a pair in 2 to 6 days but if we bought 25 dollar pairs they still wouldnt last long enough to be worth it PLUS theyd be disgusting by the 6th day regardless.
    Watsons light or heavy artillary are the perfect glove in my professional opinion but there are roadblocks.
    What I am asking of Watson is to make these gloves more accessible in more stores and possibly gearing lines of gloves if not promotions towards this industry
    1 camp of 40 people can use about 20 pairs or more for each person in less than 3 months. And thats 1 little camp.
    I think our market deserves to be recognized for its contribution.
    This leads me to my next point. These gloves are not produced in a size small.
    At least a third of the tree planting industry consists of females who need small size gloves and cannot find them for less than 5 or 6 dollars a pair. They need to be seen and looked after as consumers and as a part of a growing industry that contributes significantly to companys such as Watson gloves.
    At the very least I am seeking to acquire directory as to where to order these gloves which would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time


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