546TPR Scape Goat

Average rating: 5

Full-grain goatskin leather
Drivers style with keystone thumb
Heavy duty rubber on back of hand, fingers and wrist
Shirred elastic wrist
Slip-on style cuff


Light Medium Heavy


XS 065537864679
S 065537863665
M 065537863672
L 065537863689
XL 065537863696
XXL 065537863702
XXXL 065537865270


*Style Number: 546TPR



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One review for “546TPR Scape Goat


    On behalf of my husband who is a truck driver working in the roll on/roll off container field, would like to write a review of your Scape Goat gloves which have saved his hands, tendons, fingers from the ravages of a very physical work environment. In a normal course of his day’s work he experiences impact and abrasion several times a day. We live in Ladysmith, B.C. so as a course of our shopping day one day this spring, I introduced him to Ono Trading who is an industrial supplier of safety equipment, clothing and accessories. On this particular day we were in search of a glove that would provide him with protection from the impacts and abrasions he experiences on a regular basis. After looking over the selection available, we found your “Scape Goat” gloves and went home with two pair. I am thrilled to report there was an immediate improvement in the condition of his hands. The tendons were no longer bruised, there were no more contusions on his hands and they actually began to heal now that they were protected from the constant, daily abuse.

    Thank you Watsons Gloves for such a wonderful, protective, comfortable leather glove that stands up to the challenges of a physical work environment.

    We made a special point today to go to Ono Trading to pick up another pair of Scape Goat gloves as his first two pair have worn out while doing a very good job at what they do. He has even shared his experience with his co-workers and many have purchased Scape Goat gloves as well.

    Thank you Watson Gloves!


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