5559X20 Green Monkey™

4 mil nitrile glove uses Reclaim™ additive to enhance biodegradability of the glove once in landfill conditions while maintaining the same physical properties as regular nitrile
Forest green, powder-free nitrile offers superior strength with excellent resistance to punctures and tears, chemically resistant to oils, solvents and grease
9.5″ rolled cuff prevents liquid from getting inside the glove and adds extra strength to the cuff
Lightly textured pattern provides a sure-grip in oily and wet applications
20 gloves/pack. In a compact, on-the-go box

Will fully degrade in 10 years in moderate landfill conditions (ASTM D5526) compared to 200 years for regular disposable gloves. The gloves show up to 26.5% biodegradation in 390 days. Once biodegradation begins, the gloves are converted into biogas and create energy to fuel our homes, businesses, and communities.

Learn how our biodegradable gloves can convert into energy here


M 065537865584
L 065537865591
XL 065537865607


*Style Number: 5559X20


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