693 Shock Hazard

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Heavyweight full-grain cowhide leather
Outseam design
Natural fitting inset thumb
Slip-on cuff


9 065537827964
10 065537827971
11 065537827988
12 065537827995

*Style Number: 693




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One review for “693 Shock Hazard

  1. JTG on

    These are !!!”the best general use heavy leather work glove”!!!. It is beyond me why outseam sewn gloves are not the predominant leather work glove; putting the smooth against your skin, and the fold on the outside seems like it should be common sense (if you’re worried about the stitch, one can alway “seamgrip” the stitch when new). Yeah.., they cost a bit more…, but that’s the trade off for something that’s high quality…., and there made in Canada!
    (oh, some will complain about the yellow dye in the leather transferring when new.., whoop-dee-do, use some soap, it will go away.)


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