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Virus Resistant Gloves

The spread of COVID-19 worldwide has resulted in a pandemic like we’ve never seen before in our lifetime and also an increase demand and usage in personal protective equipment (PPE). With over a century (102 years and counting) of experience adapting and responding to the moving times in the past, facing a crisis is not new territory for us.

With our research, innovation, and more than 100 years of expertise in hand protection, we knew we had to deliver the highest quality of gloves and PPE when people need it the most. And now, many people need it more than ever, whether you’re an essential worker dealing with contaminations, chemicals or outside elements or someone from the public who is looking for protection to stay and feel safe.

Some Words of Advice

WHO and CDC have shared advice for the public in how to reduce and prevent the spread of COVID-19. These actions should be highly practiced:

  • Regularly wash your hands with soap and water or clean them with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer (at least containing 60% alcohol)
  • Maintain social distancing of 6 feet (2 metres) between you and others
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
  • Cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze
  • Stay home and self-isolate if you are experiencing any symptoms
  • Wear a mask whenever you go out in public

When it comes to wearing gloves, they are NOT a substitute to thorough hand washing. Remember you should wash your hands before and after putting on and taking off the gloves and avoid touching your face.

Although our gloves have not specifically been tested against COVID-19, certain gloves have been tested against other viruses in lab conditions and are approved for protection against micro-organisms, such as viruses. This begs the question…

What Are the Most Appropriate Gloves To Protect From Viruses?

Needless to say, the answer is… virus resistant gloves. But be extremely careful – not all gloves are virus resistant. You need to make sure that they must pass the EN374-5:2016 standard of protection against bacteria, fungi and virus. Gloves that have been EN374-5:2016 approved for protection against bacteria, fungi and virus are the ONLY gloves that can protect you from viruses penetrating the glove.

EN374-5:2016 is the most current performance requirements and test methods for micro-organisms risks (identified as bacteria, fungi and virus). EN374-5:2016 and other PPE safety standards are important in the industry, as it provides a system of safety standards that PPE can be consistently measured across. If you’re looking for gloves resistant to whatever you’re tackling, make sure to always check for the pictograms and ratings on the gloves so you can find the most appropriate protection for the job.

EN374-5:2016 is classified into two categories: “protection against bacteria and fungi” and “protection against bacteria, fungi and virus”. There are no other tiers or levels – gloves either pass the EN374-5:2016 standard or don’t. Gloves are tested in lab conditions on their penetration resistance against micro-organisms.

To ensure we provide you the best in hand protection, we sent our high performing chemical resistant gloves for testing under the EN374-5:2016 performance standard. After testing, we’re pleased to share a selection of gloves that has met EN374-5:2016 performance standard and capable of protecting your hands from viruses.

Virus Resistant Gloves

Five of our gloves are currently EN374-5:2016 approved with protection against bacteria, fungi and virus. This means that these gloves have a protective barrier against micro-organisms so that bacteria, fungi and virus cannot penetrate through these gloves. Make sure to look for this pictogram with the “VIRUS” text when searching for our virus resistant gloves.

EN374-5-2016 Shield Protection Against Bacteria, Fungi and Virus

All virus protection gloves will show a EN374-5:2016
pictogram with ‘VIRUS’ text underneath the shield

See below our current collection of virus resistant gloves:

9341 Foamtastic Square

Warm foam lining for great comfort & warmth with Actifresh® coating, which provides antimicrobial protection

WG12 Dura Dip Square

Abrasion resistant PVC coating with soft cotton jersey shell, which absorbs moisture for comfortable wear. 12″ gauntlet cuff

WG14 Watson Dura Dip Square

Abrasion resistant PVC coating with soft cotton jersey shell, which absorbs moisture for comfortable wear. 14″ gauntlet cuff

WG18 Watson Dura Dip Square

Abrasion resistant PVC coating with soft cotton jersey shell, which absorbs moisture for comfortable wear. 18″ gauntlet cuff

Now this begs the bigger question that we’re sure everyone is asking…

Do Virus Resistant Gloves Protect Me From COVID-19 (Coronavirus)?

Although EN374-5:2016 gloves have not been tested specifically against COVID-19, it has been tested against the surrogate microbe, Phi-X174 bacteriophage, which is a similar size and shape to HCV. HCV (otherwise known as Hepatitis C virus) is extremely small at 50 nanometers. COVID-19 similarly is a small virus that is about 50 nanometers. So although our EN374-5:2016 gloves have not been tested against COVID-19, they have been tested against a virus that’s 50 nanometers — a similar size to COVID-19. This means that viruses 50 nanometers in size or greater should not be able to penetrate through EN374-5:2016 gloves. With that being said, please ensure you make your own informed decision and follow the CDC and WHO guidelines.

How About Other PPE?

We responded to the Canadian government’s call for manufacturers to produce a greater supply of PPE by producing our Canadian Made Fabric Face Masks (for general purpose – not medical grade) proudly made in our Burnaby, BC factory. Our factory is working extremely hard to make sure fabric face masks are being made to keep up with the public demand.

Stay Strong and Stay Safe

The expectations for safety in the workplace and around the public has changed and we’re determined to be proactive on these changing expectations. PPE usage during this pandemic has been on a greater rise and the continued usage of PPE will probably apply to many in the future, as how we look at safety has been altered. As leaders in hand protection, it is our duty and mission to provide our customers and the public with high quality PPE. Our virus resistant gloves (EN374-5:2016 approved) and fabric face masks are being made to help people protect from germs.

We want to stress that wearing PPE DOES NOT replace the most important safety measure – regularly washing your hands with soap and water or cleaning them with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Please wash your hands thoroughly before and after putting on and taking off your gloves and DO NOT touch your face with your gloves. We know from our 100+ years of history as a company that we will beat this pandemic together, as a community and country. Stay strong and most importantly, stay safe.

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