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Watson Story – Sabrina Lindsay

Get your tissue box out, as we get sentimental in this Watson Story! Sabrina Lindsay, our Inventory Manager, started her journey at Watson Gloves 18 years ago. Before settling into her current position, she juggled between three roles… at the same time! Read more about Sabrina’s Watson Story below.

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Sabrina Lindsay Closet

In the Vancouver building, you’d often find Sabrina in this closet, which is where the safe is located.

I started working at Watson Gloves almost 19 years ago. We were in the original building at Main Street and East 2nd Avenue in Vancouver, BC, and were a much smaller company at that time. I was originally hired to do Accounts Receivable. Shortly after, I moved over to Accounts Payable and Inventory. That’s when I found my love for Inventory. A couple years later, I also looked after Payroll and juggled all three of those responsibilities for a few years.

When we moved to the current Burnaby location in 2007, my primary focus was Payroll. However, after a year, I ended up diving fully into Inventory because I missed the interactions I had with everybody involved within the company. I’ve happily been working in Inventory ever since and have been the Inventory Manager for Watson Gloves since 2019.


Wow, that was quite the journey you’ve gone through. Why were you drawn to Inventory?

It’s not a static role and things are always changing. There’s always something different going on and new problems to solve.


In what ways did Watson Gloves allow you to excel and grow in your career here?

I was given opportunities that I would have never imagined before entering Watson Gloves. When I started, we were a much smaller company, so you really had to do a little bit of everything. I remember for a few years, whenever the phone was ringing and if no one at the front was there to take it, you answered it, and you had to be able to take an order and explain to the customer what a 370R is or answer whatever inquiry they had.

You had to have enough experience in multiple areas to handle what was being thrown at you. I can think of countless times where a Sales Rep would call for something, and it didn’t matter who answered, you had to be able to help them out. Doing all of this gave me the ability to see other areas of the business and allowed me to know where I wanted to end up.

Sabrina Lindsay AGM Bus


In every sense of the word then, you really had to be a hand protection expert! Along with that, what are some other personal strengths you have that allow you to flourish in your job?

Right now, we have another generation coming on board, so with the knowledge I have from my years of experience working here, I’ve been able to pass that on and just become someone that people will come to.

Also, I feel like everybody knows that they can always rely on me. I’m always willing to help – doesn’t matter what it is. If it’s going to disrupt my day a bit but it will help someone else, I will step up and help.


I think in the long-run, it pays off. That’s how you really forge those connections and relationships.

Oh, for sure. And that’s just it. I have these connections, not just in Burnaby, but also in Calgary, and out east too. And it all leads up to when we all get together at AGM, which is like no other experience, and it feels so good to see everybody in person. I’m just thinking about it right now… *Sabrina begins to tear up*


Are you getting emotional right now because of your memories of AGM or the bonds you’ve made with everyone in the company?

Sabrina Rebecca Marty Michele Lisa 2018 100 Year Anniversary Party

Sabrina with Rebecca, Marty, Michele, and Lisa at the 2018 100th Year Anniversary Party

Yeah, the bonds for sure. I truly think it’s because we’ve all become so close. It really feels like we’re one big family.

I’m originally from Edmonton, so my family goes back to Alberta for vacation every year. I have family in Calgary, so every time we go back to Calgary, I always go visit the Calgary office. And every time I go to Edmonton, I always meet up with Peter (Sales Representative for Edmonton). We always go for breakfast and catch up. Wherever people are, I always ensure to connect with them.


Can you speak to the value of passing down knowledge?

There’s such great value in not only knowing just how things are right now, but how things were in the past. It’s such an eye-opener to know where we came from and see the whole evolution of the company and the experiences we’ve gone through.

Just listening to other long-time team members talk about the past and the times we overcame adversities is so insightful and humbling. For instance, with this pandemic, this is what we’ll probably be talking about 10-15 years from now. We’ll be passing down that knowledge to the future generation of the company and share with them our experiences on how we got through this time and what we did to overcome these challenges.


On that note, how was work like during the pandemic? It must’ve been crazy on the Inventory side of things.

The first month was absolutely crazy. It felt almost like old times – all hands on deck, everybody had to come together, and this is what needed to happen. It was a test like no other for us. Kasey said we had to pivot and be nimble and we had to be all those things and more. Once it calmed down a bit, it was just trying to work through each new challenge that came up… and there were many haha.


I can imagine managing the supply and inventory of disposable gloves being one of those challenges?

We were constantly changing how we handled that situation. There was a lot of learning as we went along. It also made us change some processes we had for the better. We definitely can’t look at the pandemic as a bad thing in terms of how we functioned as a business. Through all the challenges the pandemic threw at us, we kept on adapting and bettering ourselves, and I’m completely proud of that.


I’d like to dive back into the bonds and relationships you’ve made here at Watson Gloves. How is it like working with your peers?

Sabrina Michele Bruce Canada Day

I think that’s the best part about coming to work every day. I really do believe that the people make the place. It’s getting to know everyone’s personalities and who they are, and then you start building deeper connections with them. Otherwise, our conversations strictly become work conversations and nothing more. I really try to reach out to people and chat with them, especially a lot more through the pandemic. It’s almost like a check-in with people just because it’s been such a difficult time.


What does the future look like for you?

The past year has been a year of continuous improvement – from how we had to adapt to things to all the training and professional development I’ve received through Watson Gloves. Moving forward, I’m excited to work on more processes in our system and find ways to make them better, especially as our company continues to grow.


Any last thoughts?

Sabrina Lindsay Dale Carnegie Leadership for Managers Training

Sabrina with her Dale Carnegie Leadership for Managers Certificate achieved in 2021

I look forward to the direction our company will be heading. Even just in the last year, it has been amazing to see the change we’ve gone through and the new things we’ve ventured into, so I’m excited for what the future holds. I also look forward to seeing everybody – I miss seeing them all!

I’m also thankful for the Moore’s. They’ve been treating us all very well. They really foster the family environment that exists at Watson Gloves. How the Moore family treats us is really a reflection of who we are as Watson Gloves employees.

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