Frostbite – A Cold Weather Hazard

We’re now deep into the harsh winter months and in some parts of Canada, its frickin’ cold. One of the health hazards of cold weather is frost bite and the fingers and hands are extremely susceptible to it. This is because blood vessels farthest from the heart constrict in cold weather to conserve blood for major organs. Less oxygen reaches the fingers, so cells in the tissue death begin to die. This can lead to gangrene. Nasty stuff!

What’s the number one way to prevent frostbite? WEAR GLOVES! Or, better yet, wear mittens. Watson Gloves created a couple of mittens designed for extremely cold conditions. The #9302 and #9303 are part of our Expedition North series. Both mitts are treated with water-resistant Water-Off. Made right in our very own Burnaby factory, this series contains various mittens in two different styles: a traditional mitt or 1 finger style (index finger is on its own for dexterity and the other 3 fingers are together). As stated above, mitt style gloves keep your fingers together and therefore warmer. Whether you’re going to be in just cold, or cold and wet conditions, protect yourself with Expedition North gloves.

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