Moving Day

After a decade in a building that has served us well we are moving!!! Since our last move we  have expanded our business, changed our business direction and most importantly built an incredible Team.

In a recent meeting I asked our team the question…. ‘who built the new building?’ Peter (Northern AB rep) shouted Beattie Construction….Technically yes…. anyone else? Marty and the entire Moore Family
another Patrick (Operations Manager) answered… Good thinking but not what I’m looking for….  Then Randy Dreager piped up…. My sales Skills. Well Randy,  Yes that did help… Sales people and their hard Work on the road was a major factor. Enough already (Shaft  was getting impatient) what is it? Our Customers! The relationships we have built with our core customers is the reason for our growth….  It was undisputed.

The picture below (taken at 9:45PM) sums it up in my mind….   Tammy walked into the new building with a final load (of the day) from the old place…. She noticed her name on her new office….   Does that mean I’m promoted? Ya I guess that’s what that means quipped Kirk (Branch Manager). She wiped a tear away, and then yelled at someone ‘alright enough standing around, let’s get back to work’.

We are very proud of our new facility and we are looking forward to having our customers in for a visit!

Tammy said it best…. Time to get back to work.

Kasey and the entire Calgary team.

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