At Watson Gloves, our mission is to elevate the glove industry with innovative and sustainable hand protection by protecting the people who work with us, the customers who buy from us and our environment in which we live in.

Rooted in Greater Vancouver since 1918, our glove factory is a testament to the talent found throughout the lower mainland. Our factory team is comprised of talented craftspeople, each passionate about creating quality products, and building on a legacy of over 100 years of glove making.

A Strong Sense of Community

In our Canadian factory, we are more than just a team – we are a family. As a proud family-owned business under the leadership of the Moore family, we emphasize a balanced work-life culture and provide a nurturing work environment. Our dedication to these values has earned us the certification for exceptional workplace culture from The Canadian Workplace Culture Index.

Our familial spirit is further cemented through events like our lively annual tailgate BBQ, festive Christmas parties, and the shared anticipation of the winter rush. The cornerstone of our high-quality gloves is our dedicated team, that’s truly the heartbeat of our business.

Watson Gloves Factory Christmas Party

Sue from the Factory at Watson Gloves’ Annual Christmas Party

Learn more about our Watson Family through these Watson Stories from the Factory:

Tradition Meets Innovation

At Watson Gloves, our factory serves as a unique confluence of heritage and innovation. Our eclectic team is comprised of seasoned veterans, with some boasting up to 45 years of experience, and dynamic newcomers bringing fresh perspectives. While we take pride in preserving tradition, we remain steadfast in our mission of protecting hands and continued innovation.

At Watson Gloves, you will have the chance to learn from the best in the business, be it glove-turning, cutting, or sewing. Staying true to our core values, our factory team embraces authenticity, supports each other like a family, consistently delivers on our promises, and continually seeks improvement—all while enjoying a fun-filled work environment. Under Harm Mann’s stewardship, with his decade-plus experience at Watson, our factory remains nimble and refined, ensuring the longevity of Canadian-made gloves for future generations.

Anatomy of a Watson Gloves - Storm Trooper Canadian Made Glove Deconstructed
Herschel Collab with Watson Gloves

Unique Opportunities

Working at our factory is about more than just manufacturing gloves—it’s about creating comfortable, fun, and practical hand protection that people depend on daily, whether on a job site, motorcycling, gardening, or during everyday chores.

As we expand into new markets our factory team has played a crucial role in executing popular collaborations with Herschel, Hockey Canada, and Lords of Gastown. The hands-on expertise of our factory team guarantees the highest quality in our Canadian-made products, ensuring we honor our 105-year legacy.

Grow with Us

We champion growth—for our company and our people. Many team members, like our Factory Foreman Dat Nguyen, embarked on their journey in entry-level positions and climbed the ladder. We don’t just provide the opportunities, support, and tools necessary for a successful career; we also ensure a healthy and happy work environment with excellent benefits.

If you’re passionate about crafting quality products, eager to learn, and thrive in a community-oriented environment, Watson Gloves could be your perfect fit. Join us on our journey of making a difference—one glove at a time.