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Watson Anniversary – Dat Nguyen’s 30th Work Anniversary

Our Factory Foreman, Dat, is celebrating his 30th work anniversary here at Watson Gloves. Here’s what he has to say:

Dat Nguyen 35th Work Anniversary Factory

What do you do at Watson Gloves?

I’m the Factory Foreman. I look after the factory and pretty much help with everything and everyone, from looking after all the raw material, ensuring all the orders are complete, and making sure all transfers from the Calgary and Mississauga warehouses are done.


How did you start your career here at Watson Gloves?

30 years ago my friend said Watson Gloves was hiring a Turner. I got the job and started turning gloves. From then on, I worked my way up, doing everything – a cutter, a tagger – just never did sewing haha. Leaving that to our sewers, who are fantastic at their job.


Dat Nguyen 35th Work Anniversary Factory

What does ‘Watson Family’ mean to you?

It’s all about the culture. It’s a good place, we have a good president, his whole family is great (the Moore’s). When family is a strong focus at our company, it runs down through all the teams.


What’s your most busiest time at Watson Gloves?

Winter every time haha. Starting from end of August to January, all our Winter products have to go out and into our customers’ hands.


What has been the factory’s team current experience with making face masks?

It’s a new experience! The sewers have been making gloves for years and years. So the first time we’ve started working on masks, we were trying to adapt and figure out the best way to make these masks. But now, everyone is getting the hang of it and getting faster and faster. We understand this is really important because we want to get these reusable fabric masks out to people and make sure everyone is safe during these times.

Congrats to Dat on celebrating 30 years at Watson Gloves!

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