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Watson Story – Domenic Donato

Dom Donato, our Warehouse Lead in the Mississauga branch, shares his Watson Story, which started 8 years ago. His passion for his job and the company shines through and through right from the very moment he stepped into the doors of Watson Gloves. Read more about Dom’s Watson Story below.

How did you get your start at Watson Gloves?

The Mississauga branch was looking for some temporary help in the warehouse in 2013. Sharon, one of the Customer Service Representatives, referred me. I was in between work, so I was able to help. After I was done working in the warehouse for a few days, Marlon, the Warehouse Manager, said that he would call me if they ever needed help in the future. The next day, Marlon called and asked if I could give them a hand at the warehouse, and I said, “You got it, I’m on my way!”

This was all just a few days before I was supposed to start a new job at another company, but because of my experience with the team, I chose to work at Watson Gloves instead, and it’s been 8 years since!


Whoa, that took an unexpected turn! You must’ve formed a really great impression in the short time you were there to convert to a Watsonator just like that! What made you decide to pursue a career at Watson Gloves?

Domenic Donato Watson Selfie

I could tell how close and tight-knit the culture was in the entire Mississauga branch right when I got there. Even though I was new, the team brought me in and made me feel welcome.  It was very family-oriented and I liked that. So, I pitched to Marlon that if they needed someone full-time, I’d be willing to come and join the team. After discussions with HR, Watson Gloves chose to bring me on board as a Warehouse Associate. It’s definitely not the typical route since I didn’t have to go through the interview process. I’m a sports junkie so I like to think that this was my tryout here, and I made the team!


Well, it’s great that you tried out for the Watson team, as it sounds like a win-win on both sides. What can you tell us about your Watson Story?

In 2013, we were a really small-knit group of four in the Mississauga warehouse. We’ve been growing throughout the years, and in 2018, we needed someone that the team could depend on whenever Marlon was busy. Marlon recommended me to be that person to take on the Warehouse Lead role, which was a huge honour. He saw my potential in how I excelled at my job, the passion I had for my work, and how I was a team player. After some discussions with HR, I was successfully promoted to Warehouse Lead.


Seems like being relentlessly passionate and driven in what you do has been paying off in dividends! I take it that Marlon’s support and mentorship must’ve played a huge role in your growth at Watson Gloves?

For sure. Marlon and I work closely, and we really gel well together. Of course, there may be times where we have disagreements, but it’s always constructive discussion, which makes us and the whole team better.

As for mentorship, Marlon places a lot of trust in my capabilities, which really boosts my confidence in performing my role as the Warehouse Lead and motivates me to become better.


You also mentioned being a team player as a key factor in becoming a Warehouse Lead. What’s the dynamic like in the Mississauga warehouse?

We always have fun but also know how to get great work done. When you need help, you don’t need to ask, the person beside you will immediately be there to give you a helping hand. Nobody has one specific job and we all come together to help each other out, and that’s how you win as a team. We also really aim to treat each other equally here – whether you’re the newest team member in the branch or a seasoned team member.


Seems like your branch is really channelling the Watson Family spirit!

Domenic Donato 100th Yr Anniversary Party

Dom with Kasey at the 2018 100th Year Anniversary Party
( yes, Kasey is very tall)

100%. Not only do you see that in this branch though, but you can also see that across the entire company. Doesn’t matter what location you’re in, what position you have, how long you’ve been here – everybody works together and that’s how we gain success. Even with the Executive Team, whenever they come to visit, they all take the time to connect with and talk to each one of us. They don’t treat you just as an employee, they treat you as a family member.

The one thing I’ll never forget is when the Moore family arranged for every employee from all the branches to attend the 100th year anniversary celebration. They flew all of us out to Vancouver for a weekend of celebration and fun. I give so much respect to Marty and Michele for being so dedicated to the Watson Family. These family values also trickle down from Kasey, Rebecca, and the entire executive and management team.


I’m going to take a wild guess and say that you really love your job!

You bet. I talk about my work to all my friends because I’m proud of working here. I tell them how amazing of a place this is and they see it. My friends always see that I have a smile at the end of the day. If you’re here, it’s hard not to have a smile on your face every day, even on the days that may be hard and stressful.

I also tell people how cool and unique our company is all the time. They’re always amazed at the names we have for our gloves. One of the first things I tell them is to check out our BizNasty collab video. I think we’re really good at showcasing the fun and creative side of our company.


I take it you’re a fan of Spittin’ Chiclets. You were probably thrilled when our collab with BizNasty launched.

Yeah, I was very excited when I heard about that. I made sure to drink Pink Whitney while watching the video haha.

BizNasty x Watson Gloves Collab Video


In that case, you should look forward to what’s to come in the future!

Oh yeah, I know. I tell you, with all the stuff we’re doing and what we have planned, Watson Gloves is going to explode. Big things are happening!


What is your most memorable experience?

There are so many memories and stories from working here, such as our company lunches and BBQs and the 100th year anniversary party, but if I were to choose one, it’d be when Marlon said, “Welcome to the family.” I was really drawn to Watson Gloves because of the family aspect, and I was welcomed from the first day I started working here. Now, I do the same and always say, “Welcome to the family” to every new person that joins our branch, whether it’s someone from the warehouse or the office.

Domenic Donato Mississauga Christmas Party

Dom, the Mississauga team, Rebecca, and Kasey


What does the future look like for you?

In the near future, I envision the Maple Leafs winning the Stanley Cup this year [Dom’s sidenote: this is a rib to all the Vancouver and Calgary employees]. On a serious note, I see myself following Marlon’s footsteps. I want to grow with the company, stay on the operations side, and become a manager. I want Watson Gloves to be my last employer – I really see myself retiring here.


Any last thoughts?

I see a whole future for myself at Watson Gloves. When the company sees potential in you, they give you the opportunities and allow you to run with it, and I can’t wait to keep on going with my career here.

Of course, I wouldn’t be where I am today without the guidance and mentorship of Marlon. I give him a huge thank you. And also, a thank you to the Moore family for always believing in me.

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