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Inside the Watson Gloves Factory – Learn How Our Gloves Are Made

For 103 years, our Canadian factory has been the heart and soul of Watson Gloves. In 1918, they originally made handcrafted quality gloves for those working in saw mills, mines, logging camps, and farms, and also for industries requiring gloves during World War I. The work in our glove factory was very much a skilled job and still is today. Although over 100 years have passed, we still have a very ‘hands-on’ approach in making our gloves. Check out the 5 steps it takes to make our quality Watson gloves below!

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BizNasty Wide Open Shot

BizNasty Droppin’ the Hockey Gloves for Watson Gloves

Paul Bissonnette, otherwise more popularly known as “BizNasty”, dropped his hockey gloves and retired from the ice rink in 2017. But now, as the co-host of the #1 hockey podcast, Spittin’ Chiclets from Barstool Sports, BizNasty is keeping his gloves on – Watson Gloves that is (not a big deal). In this hilarious collaboration, BizNasty teams up with Watson Gloves to share his favourite hobbies in his true outspoken fashion, all the while showing off his Watson gloves. Let’s check out the video and go over the gloves we see BizNasty donning.

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Gloves for the Holidays

Holiday Glove Gift Guide

Although this year has been nothing but twists and turns, there is still one thing that remains constant – everybody needs gloves during the winter season. That means they’re awesome gifts to give (even to yourself – don’t feel guilty). Great! Now… which gloves should you get? Good question. That’s why we have the answer in the form of a holiday gift guide! Yup, even to the one person on your list who’s obsessed with ugly sweaters. We got something for them. So check out the guide now, and find a glove for everyone on your Christmas list this holiday season!

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Demystifying Biodegradation and the Circular Economy Banner Clean

Watson Webinar Recap: Demystifying Biodegradation and the Circular Economy

Sustainability, biodegradation, the circular economy. What are all these words that circulate our modern vocabulary? And what do they all really mean?

Well, for one, these words are not buzzwords. In fact, these processes have existed in natural habitats since the beginning of time. Now, in current times, with greater consideration from businesses, communities, and humans to be more sustainable, innovative solutions are being made to create products that are more restorative and regenerative to our world, such as biodegradable products, thus completing a circular economy.

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ANSI/ISEA 138: What You Need To Know About the New Impact Standard Webinar Banner Clean

Watson Webinar Recap: ANSI/ISEA 138: What You Need to Know About the New Impact Standard

ANSI/ISEA 138:2019 fills a very important gap in the standards infrastructure in North America. We have the EN388 standard in Europe and the ANSI/ISEA 105 standard in North America – these standards provide guidance around cut, puncture, abrasion, and chemical exposure. And although the EN388 standard tests for impact, it only tests impact on the knuckles and then provides a pass or fail rating. Thus, before ANSI/ISEA 138:2019, there was never a robust, comprehensive standard to address full dorsal impact protection for industrial gloves.

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Kasey Whitman Watson Gloves

A New Era – A Q&A With New President Kasey Whitman

The torch has been passed and Kasey Whitman has been appointed as Watson Gloves’ new President! This year, Kasey will be celebrating 19 years at Watson Gloves, and like Marty, has walked a similar road to Presidency. Kasey navigated through many roles in Watson Gloves, and his experience, leadership, and energetic personality have led him to the position of President. We sat down with Kasey for a Q&A to learn more about him and his new role.

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Marty Moore Watson Gloves Office

The Passing of the Torch – A Q&A With President Martin Moore

Since 1986, Martin Moore, or better known as Marty, our President, has been leading a hallmark career here at Watson Gloves; this year caps off 34 years for him! He’ll be transitioning to the Chairman and CEO position while he passes the torch to Kasey Whitman, who will become our next President. Before this big transition, we sat down with Marty for a little Q&A on his very big career.

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Victory Garden Blog Cover Photo

Find Success in Your Backyard with a Victory Garden

Some call it a “Pandemic Garden” or a “Stick it to the Virus Garden” but for the rest of us, we call it a Victory Garden. What is a Victory Garden? Victory Garden is just another way of saying a vegetable or fruit garden. The difference? The deep history behind its name. Victory Gardens, originally called War Gardens, came to fruition in World War I, returned in World War II, and is now seeing another resurgence in our latest war – this time, against COVID-19.

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Virus Resistant Blog Post Banner

Virus Resistant Gloves

The spread of COVID-19 worldwide has resulted in a pandemic like we’ve never seen before in our lifetime and also an increase demand and usage in personal protective equipment (PPE). With over a century (102 years and counting) of experience adapting and responding to the moving times in the past, facing a crisis is not new territory for us.

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