Turning Landfill Biodegradable Gloves Into Energy – How Does That Exactly Work?

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Biodegradable products are becoming more and more relevant, especially as we pay greater attention to the end of life of our products and how they are discarded. With Watson Gloves’ landfill biodegradable gloves, they break down decades quicker compared to their non-biodegradable counterparts, leave no microplastics behind, and minimize waste in landfills. Fantastic, right? But what if we go one step further and tell you that our biodegradable gloves can be turned into organic matter and renewable energy? Then it seems like an easy choice to go the biodegradable route when choosing your gloves.

You must now be asking – how do our biodegradable gloves, a tangible product, convert into energy, an intangible resource? Well, rest assured, that question and more are answered below!

Make Yard Work Easy with Canadian Tire’s Yardworks WasteNot™ Gloves

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What do we do after we launch our successful eco-conscious WasteNot™ brand? Partner up with other brands to further the sustainable movement, of course! And this year, we’re teaming up with Canadian Tire to bring you Yardworks WasteNot™ gloves, which are made of recycled PET plastic bottles. With two well-established Canadian companies joining forces together, we’re introducing new eco-conscious gloves that will help make yard work easier for Canadians this spring season.

Watson Webinar Recap: Demystifying Biodegradation and the Circular Economy

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Sustainability, biodegradation, the circular economy. What are all these words that circulate our modern vocabulary? And what do they all really mean?

Well, for one, these words are not buzzwords. In fact, these processes have existed in natural habitats since the beginning of time. Now, in current times, with greater consideration from businesses, communities, and humans to be more sustainable, innovative solutions are being made to create products that are more restorative and regenerative to our world, such as biodegradable products, thus completing a circular economy.

Find Success in Your Backyard with a Victory Garden

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Some call it a “Pandemic Garden” or a “Stick it to the Virus Garden” but for the rest of us, we call it a Victory Garden. What is a Victory Garden? Victory Garden is just another way of saying a vegetable or fruit garden. The difference? The deep history behind its name. Victory Gardens, originally called War Gardens, came to fruition in World War I, returned in World War II, and is now seeing another resurgence in our latest war – this time, against COVID-19.

From Bottles to Gloves with WasteNot™

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Eureka! Success! Aha! It’s Alive!

It didn’t follow exactly like a scientist’s discovery in a lab, but we’d like to imagine that when our Product Development team discovered the right formula in making environmentally-friendly gloves, they had the same euphoric rush Einstein, Tesla and many other inventors did with their discoveries.

More than one million plastic bottles are sold every minute and it takes up to 1,000 years for a plastic bottle to decompose. Now imagine this – gloves made of recycled plastic bottles that have the same quality and performance as regular gloves. Gloves that are great for the environment and your hands? Seems like a no brainer, right? Well, there has never been any in the market… until now.

Introducing WasteNot™—Watson Gloves’ aim to help the environment and your hands.

Gardening 101 – How to Grow Your Own Vegetables Through Seeding

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We’re in an interesting time, aren’t we? We’re told to “stay home” and “self isolate”. That means no movies at the theatres, no working out at the gym, and no seeing our favourite teams or bands play. However, it ain’t all so bad. Some people may pick up a new indoor hobby or two. DIY is on the rise. And we’re appreciating the outdoors a tad more. Planting and growing your own garden of vegetables is more popular than ever now and it’s the perfect season to start – spring!

The Evolution of Disposable Gloves

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Updated September 8, 2020

Whether you’re working in the medical or industrial field, handling food in the kitchen, or growing your plants in your garden, rubber disposable gloves have helped protect many hands. And especially operating now in a COVID-19 world, disposable gloves are more prevalent than ever. There are two types of disposable gloves that customers commonly choose from – latex and nitrile. Latex gloves have been the go-to for many applications until a couple of decades ago. The introduction of nitrile gloves in mid-1990s with enhanced features has made it the modern go-to for most applications. Let’s take a dive in the evolution of disposable gloves and see what the future holds for disposable gloves.