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Biznasty Web Banner - Dropping the Gloves

Paul Bissonnette (BizNasty) Partnership

Watson Gloves is partnering up with Paul Bissonnette (“BizNasty”), former NHL player and co-host of the #1 hockey podcast Spittin’ Chiclets of Barstool Sports, to launch a humorous video in a time when we all need a good laugh. Biz acts out his new hobbies outside of the pod using his new gloves in humorous ways where he gets the creative freedom to unleash his outspoken personality.

WasteNot Process Infographic

WasteNot™ Release - Gloves Using Recycled Material

Watson Gloves is proud to be the first in the glove industry to release gloves made of recycled plastic bottles into the market through the use of WasteNot™ yarn. It is the latest in sustainable glove developments and will allow post-consumer recycled materials see a second life in high-quality gloves without any compromise in quality or performance.

Wounded Warrior Commander Glove

Wounded Warriors Partnership

We are proud to announce our partnership with Wounded Warriors Canada, a national mental health charity supporting Canada’s ill & injured Veterans, first responders and their families. Watson Gloves is donating partial proceeds from the sales of Commander and Shock Trooper to Wounded Warriors.

Green Monkey Flyer Ad

Green Monkey™ Release - Landfill Biodegradable Glove

Our first landfill biodegradable disposable glove has launched. These nitrile disposables breaks down in only 8-11 years, as compared to 200 years with regular nitrile disposables. Once the biodegradation process begins, the additives in the Green Monkey™ nitrile disposables will ensure that they do not just break down into smaller plastic pieces, but are actually converted to biogas like other organic materials.

100th Year Anniversary

Read about the family-owned Canadian success story, as Watson Gloves celebrates 100 years in business. Watson Gloves’ 100th year anniversary marks the company’s growth from a two-man storefront to one of Canada’s largest retail distributors of quality gloves with a quirky edge.