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Ok, so its not every day that we get a story in a newspaper or magazine, but whenever we do, we get compliments on our great products. Here are a few clippings from our collection.

Business in Vancouver

The 100-year milestone is one not many businesses manage to crack. So when a company hits the century mark, it’s worth considering just how rare the achievement is….

The Vancouver Sun

Watson Gloves turns 100 this year, a success story that began in 1918 in a two-storey building on 2nd Avenue between Main and Quebec: Legend has it a bordello and bootlegger occupied the second floor…

CBC 100-year-old glove factory keeps things old hand

Modern pop tunes are playing in the background at Burnaby, B.C.’s Watson Gloves factory, but workers there are repeating the same tasks their predecessors have performed for a century.

The factory and family business, which began in 1918, celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. It originally stood at 127E 2nd Avenue in Vancouver, and sold work gloves to early Vancouverites who worked in saw mills, mines, logging camps and farms.

Canadian Mining Magazine

Watson Gloves,  celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2018, has been protecting the hands of resource workers since the beginning. John Watson, a logger and glove maker in Oregon, moved to Vancouver, Canada in 1918. Once in Vancouver he saw an opportunity to sell higher quality gloves and partnered up with his childhood friend Wayne B. Stanley.

Longboarder Alex Charleson

North Vancouver long boarder Alex Charleson carves a turn during an international race held earlier this month in Vermont. Charleson won the high speed junior race despite competing with two broken bones in his left hand which kept him from having full control of his board with the help of custom Watson Gloves.

Ottawa Citizen

Today, Watson is Canada’s largest source of work gloves, but it’s not just their history that impresses me, interesting as it is. Many small companies of all kinds have come and gone over the last 100 years, and this makes me wonder: What is it that lets some companies continue and thrive while others disappear?

Ottawa Citizen

I use work gloves almost every day, but never thought much about glove design until I came across a B.C. company called Watson Gloves. They celebrated their 100th anniversary in 2018, and since then I’ve been impressed by the variety of gloves they offer – more than 1,000 different styles in all.

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