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It may not take a village to build a glove, but it sure does help to have a team of dedicated professionals on board. At Watson, we’ve been making gloves for almost 100 years, and during that time what was a two-man shop has grown into a cross-Canada company. While styles, designs and materials may have changed, one thing hasn’t: the pride our team takes in providing our customers with great-quality gloves. Why not take a minute to learn a little bit more about us? Just move your mouse pointer over our pictures and let us introduce ourselves.

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Burnaby, Head Office

Barrie Moore
Martin Moore
Kasey Whitman
Vice President
Bruce Dally
VP Key Account Sales
Graham Kerr
Director of National Industrial Accounts
Michele Moore
Media Manager & North Shore Sales Rep.
Shane Heron
National Operations Manager
Kailen Gill
Facilities/Maintenance Supervisor
Ali Zuberi
IT Manager
Jonathan Joaquin
IT Support Specialist
Rebecca Chan
Director of People Operations
Jennifer Blaine
Human Resources Manager
Phyllis Wong
HR Assistant
Matt Clayden
BC Sales Manager
Sabrina Lindsay
Inventory Analyst
Andy Jenkins
Purchasing Manager
Alex Lynch
Purchasing Assistant
Corey Carriveau
Lucas Santos
Junior Accountant
Lisa Hailstones
Credit Manager
Henry Leung
Senior Accountant
Rupy Mahil
Sue Wang
Financial Analyst
Maria Coja
AR Coordinator
Natalia Santana
AR Administrator
Raisha Pandey
AR Administrator
Ryan Broesky
Video Production/Graphic Design
Laura Whitlock
Marketing Manager
Courtney Drake
Graphic Designer
Taylor MacDermid
Jr Graphic Designer
Christina Yeung
Product Developer
Carolina Balderas
Assistant Product Developer
Harmindur Mann
Production Manager
Dan Grata
Warehouse Manager BC
Tracy Roubini
AR Clerk
Arafat Hassan
EDI Support Specialist
Dat Nguyen
Factory Foreman
Ly Tran
Customer Service Representative
Erica Marino
Customer Sales Representative
Breanna Neiman
Office Assistant
Ian Morrison
Sales Representative Vancouver Area
Mark Stollery
Sales Representative
Matthew Reid
Sales Representative
Carl Huggins
Sales Representative
Mark Adair
Delivery Driver


Kirk McManes
Western Canada Sales Manager
Jay Armstrong
National Account Manager
Rosemary Keon
Director of National Retail Accounts
Patrick McCormack
AB Operations Manager
Melissa McKee
National Account Assistant
Janet Gotmy
Customer Service Lead
Jason Martin
Customer Service Representative
Wayde Munoz
Customer Service Representative
Randy Dreager
Sales Representative
Peter Cassidy
Sales Representative
Donna Solomon
Sales Representative NE Alberta
Claudio Morganti
Manitoba Sales Representative
Mick Olson
Sales Representative
Godfrey Fischer
Agent – Saskatchewan
Lee Sullivan
Warehouse Manager
Mario Parada
Warehouse Associate
Hassan Hussaini
Warehouse Associate
Connor Williams
Warehouse Associate
Mandeep Dhaliwal
Warehouse Associate
Dylan Bohme
Warehouse Associate
Todd Burtt
Warehouse lead
Joclyn Milligan
Warehouse Associate
Carlo Cruz
Warehouse Associate
Matthew Webb
Warehouse Associate
Tanner MacIver
Warehouse Associate
Carter Crawford
Warehouse Associate
Trevor Nourse
Warehouse Associate
Justin Loro
Warehouse Associate
Andrew Dudas
Warehouse Associate
Ashley Kells


Bill Sampson
Eastern Canada Sales Manager
Wil Wakileh
Mississauga Branch Manager
Jesse Nicol
Central Ontario Sales Representative
Michael Hrynczuk
Southern Ontario Sales Representation
Stephen Chaisson
Atlantic Sales Representative
Dany Azzi
Quebec Sales Representative
Sharon Seeley
Customer Service Representative
Jessica Leblond
Customer Service Representative
Marlon Saldanha
Warehouse Supervisor
Domenic Donato
Warehouse lead
Rodrigo Bandoles
Warehouse Associate
Allwyn D’Souza
Warehouse Associate
Santana Silveira
Warehouse Associate
Gimeno Vallangca
Warehouse Associate
Jokim D’Souza
Warehouse Associate
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