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Learn from the Experts – Introducing Watson Webinar Series

What happens when you’ve always been sharing your expertise, knowledge, and innovations to a large audience at trade shows and conferences but now can’t because you can no longer attend in-person events? From the Marines’ well-known mantra, you improvise, adapt, and overcome. That’s what is happening here at Watson Gloves.

With the global pandemic, all in-person events came to a halt. That included trade shows and conferences. And those were our platforms for our knowledgeable hand protection experts to share our latest innovations, which paves the road for the latest trends in our industry, such as gloves using recycled plastic and biodegradable gloves.

We then asked ourselves — what are other alternatives to show our reputable authority as hand protection and PPE experts? Webinars are the no-brainer answer for us.


When individuals all around the world were on lockdown due to COVID-19, virtual activity rose. You know what we’re talking about. All those Zoom calls both with business and with friends. The countless online games you’ve played with family, friends, and friends of friends. And webinars. A GoToWebinars study showed that the number of webinars hosted increased by 330% in March 2020 compared to the end of 2019.

It was a simultaneous lightbulb flashing at a Leadership meeting when they were asked the question, “How can we now share our knowledge and expertise to industry professionals?

As Reuter Events put it, “webinar provides an invaluable opportunity to provide critical knowledge and demonstrate technical prowess at solving real-world business challenges.”


You can never directly translate 1:1 the experience of a physical event to a digital one. You have to adapt to the medium. In this case, we have one hour to deliver our message – not multiple days. This means 1) we have to be concise with what we’re delivering and 2) the webinars have to be engaging and valuable. Attendees have given us their time to listen to us so we shouldn’t squander it. It’s our goal to provide purposeful information for people to take away.

Logistics is completely different too. Just because it’s virtual does not mean there’s less to plan for. Webinars come with its own set of logistics to organize and plan for. We want the process of registering to be as smooth as possible, and we also want the webinar experience to be as professional and polished as possible, while utilizing the tools offered by the webinar platform to create a stimulating, engaging experience.

On the topic of planning, we have to make sure this event is communicated to our audience. That audience being industry professionals who are involved in the glove supply chain (suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and customers) and want to get an edge within their respective industry.

Most importantly, it’s about meeting expectations. With the explosion in the number of webinars being held, individuals have a vast number of webinars to choose from. And with a finite amount of time, individuals are more selective on what webinars they do and do not want to register for. As we reiterate from Reuter Events, we’re not here to waste time – we’re here to provide critical knowledge and help you solve real-world business challenges.


For our Watson Webinar Series, we aim to discuss the latest information and trends in the glove industry. We’ll be bringing in experts within the industry along with our very own glove experts at Watson Gloves participating as well.

You don’t want to miss out on these webinars. Why? We have glove specialists who know the glove industry inside and out. We have Purchasers and Sales Reps who have a vast network of professionals all around the world. And innovation runs through our veins – we’re the first to bring gloves using recycled plastic PET bottles to market and we’re continuing to set the trends in our industry by pushing for more sustainable innovations. Needless to say, we know a thing or two about gloves and we think we can add a lot of value into your business strategies and day-to-day operations.

Covid-19: Effects and Outlook on the Disposable Gloves Supply Chain Webinar Banner

The first webinar in the Watson Webinar Series – COVID-19: Effects and Outlook on the Disposable Gloves Supply Chain

Our first webinar to set the stage is COVID-19: Effects and Outlook on the Disposable Gloves Supply Chain happening on July 30, 2020 at 10:00 AM PT. We will be discussing the current state of the global disposable glove market, the effects of COVID-19 on the disposable market supply chain, and the new biodegradable disposable glove options that are expected to pave the future.

Other topics you can look forward to are the ANSI/ISEA 138 impact standards and sustainability in the glove market. You can view all of our webinars here.

Watson Gloves — Your Trusted PPE Leaders in the Industry

Webinars are a vital tool to communicate expert industry advice to professionals. At Watson Gloves, we’re always aiming to push the fold as industry leaders. We want to be your trusted source for everything hand protection, and webinars are an additional platform we’re using to provide you valuable information and bring elevated, important discussions into the industry. And we’re excited to have you join us.

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