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To Our Customers – A Letter Re: COVID-19

Dear valued customers,


We’re a 102 year old business. We’ve been through a lot in the past 102 years. And there are a few things that always keep us pushing forward – our family, our community, our customers.

In times right now, we’re seeing our company banding together to keep business running smoothly to ensure hand protection gets out to our customers. The spirit, unity and the work ethic of the Watson Gloves Family is truly showing with the way everyone is taking care of each other, our customers and this company.

We’re happy to see the communities around us uniting together to keep each other safe and help each other out. To all those who work in the front line, we appreciate all you are doing and will do for us all.

We’re also thankful for the relationship we have with our customers. We’re always here for you. Our business is still operating (with slight changes to keep our workers safe – half of our office staff currently working remotely), so if you have any questions, you can contact us via live chat on our website for any help.

More than ever, we need to rely on each other. We are proud of our quality hand protection but we are also proud in the strength of the Watson Gloves Family, our customers, and everyone around us. The Family Is There, the Community Is There, the Customers Are There. Together we are all here to pull through in these times.

Stay safe, take care and support your local businesses if you can.


The Watson Gloves Family

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