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Watson Anniversary – Martin Moore’s 35th Work Anniversary

Our Chairman & CEO, Marty Moore, is celebrating his 35th year at Watson Gloves! 🎉 🎉

How did you start your career here at Watson Gloves?

My father always wanted me to get into the business, so after university, I started as a Delivery Driver. From then on, I did a bit of everything – I worked in shipping, sales, purchasing, and did some accounting. My path was totally different from how my dad started – he got right into sales and didn’t have to jump around like I had to. But as they say, the only way you can really learn from the business is doing everything within the business!


What do you enjoy most about your job?

I get a lot of enjoyment seeing the personal and professional growth of everyone on our team – the current president, Kasey Whitman, the Executive team, managers, and everyone in the organization. It’s also truly remarkable seeing the relentless pursuit of strategic processes and planning within the business right now compared to 35 years ago. We’ve achieved so much since I first started, and I couldn’t be any prouder.


What’s your most memorable moment at Watson Gloves?

The 100th year anniversary celebration in 2018, without a doubt. It was great having every one of our 146 employees along with some of their family members celebrating our incredible milestone and having them know that they all played an integral part in us reaching 100 years. Also, it was one hell of a party!


What does ‘Watson Family’ mean to you?

Here at Watson, we work well together, we’re all aligned with the company values and goals, and we really care about each other. It’s a bond that’s quite unique.


What’s your secret in having a long career at Watson Gloves?

Have the last name ‘Moore’…ha!


What’s your favourite glove?

The 567 Stagline. We’ve been making this glove since the day Watson Glove opened in 1918, so it has an incredible history behind it. Also, the deerskin leather is buttery soft, it’s made in our incredible factory, and I really love the tag.


What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to a new Watson team member?

You’ll be given the autonomy within the business to thrive, and if you fall down, that’s okay; as long as you put the effort in and grow from your experiences, we’ll always fully support you.

Congrats to Marty on the big milestone!

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