Welcome to the Team

Welcome to the Team – Al, Neil, and Zach

Get to know a little more about our new Watsonators joining the Watson Family! Give a warm welcome to Al, Neil, and Zach!

Al Macgillivray – Sales Representative, Atlantic Region

Why did you want to join Watson Gloves?

Incredible company culture, great teammates and a strong & innovative product offering.

What core value do you align with the most and why?

The core value I align with the most is Family – spending work days with a close-knit and supportive team makes the job even more enjoyable.

What do you do in your spare time?

I love surfing, cooking, and also hiking with my dogs

Neil Gorey – AR Administrator

Why did you pick Watson Gloves?

I decided to apply for Watson Gloves, as having previously worked in a family run business, I felt like Watson Gloves was a company that would suit my personality and give me an opportunity to develop my skills within the business sector.

What are your first impressions of Watson Gloves?

My first impressions of Watson Gloves is that it’s a brilliant company to be a part of. Everyone on the team is extremely friendly and made me feel right at home from day one. The company sets a high standard for itself and everyone on the team strives to reach this standard, while still maintaining a fun work environment.

Your most overused words/phrases?

Being from Ireland, my most used phrase is “What’s the craic?”. It’s how we greet each other in Ireland, and basically means, “What’s up?

Zach Eberle – Sales Representative, Saskatchewan

Why did you want to join Watson Gloves?

I chose Watson Gloves, based on the corporate culture, the hiring team, the Canadian factory, and my Sales Manager, Jeff Terry, and Director of Sales Operations, Kirk McManes. Also, gloves always seemed to gravitate towards me haha.

What did you know about Watson Gloves before you joined?

I knew about the great culture and team. That Watson Gloves is a Canadian company to the roots and still currently has a Canadian manufacturing facility. Being from the industry, I also knew the quality of the product that you can confidently stand behind. Watson Gloves put their people first by creating a family atmosphere, and this was something I really wanted to be a part of.

What’s the story of your new license plate we see here?

Since 94002 Red Baron is our biggest seller in Saskatchewan, I got a new license plate (94002) to REPRESENT!

Zach Eberle’s new ‘Red Baron’ license plate #WatsonRepresent

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