Yardworks WasteNot Watson Gloves x Canadian Tire Gloves Collaboration

Make Yard Work Easy with Canadian Tire’s Yardworks WasteNot™ Gloves

What do we do after we launch our successful eco-conscious WasteNot™ brand? Partner up with other brands to further the sustainable movement, of course! And this year, we’re teaming up with Canadian Tire to bring you Yardworks WasteNot™ gloves, which are made of recycled PET plastic bottles. With two well-established Canadian companies joining forces together, we’re introducing new eco-conscious gloves that will help make yard work easier for Canadians this spring season.

Serving Canadians For 100 Years

Canadian Tire started in 1922 as a corner store in Toronto by two brothers, four years after Watson Gloves was established. Now, almost 100 years later, they span over 500 locations across Canada, plus over 1,000 more within the Canadian Tire network (such as Mark’s and Sport Chek). From their iconic Canadian Tire money to their classic Canadian ads, Canadian Tire has made its mark on Canadian culture and history. So much so that in Leger’s latest annual Reputation report for 2021, which surveys the reputability of 275 companies in Canada, Canadian Tire achieved the number one spot.

Canadian Tire Money

Canadian Tire money
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Canadian Tire has been committed to operate as a sustainable business by expanding their selection of sustainable products for customers, continuing to improve their energy efficiency of their buildings, being more efficient in their transportation network, using less resources and energy, and reducing the waste they generate. Thus, it was a no-brainer for Canadian Tire to partner up with Watson Gloves to bring eco-conscious PPE into their stores.

From Bottles to Yardworks WasteNot™ Gloves

You can find the specially made eco-conscious WasteNot™ gloves under Canada Tire’s Yardworks brand. Four new gloves feature components that are made of WasteNot™ yarn, such as the microfibre and spandex material. WasteNot™ yarn is created by crushing recycled plastic bottles and melting them down into small pellets, which is then spun into yarn. All of this is done without any reduction in glove quality and performance!

Using WasteNot™ yarn in glove material, which is Global Recycled Standard certified, helps avoid the use of virgin material and removes plastic bottles from landfills. Each of the four sustainable gloves reuses 1-2 bottles per glove. With this launch, 77,976 recycled plastic PET bottles have been reused to make the four Yardworks WasteNot™ gloves, and no doubt, more plastic bottles will continue to be reused and diverted from landfills, as more and more homeowners use eco-conscious Yardworks WasteNot™ gloves as their go-to backyard and gardening gloves.

The Canadian Tire team took the time to answer a few questions on this partnership.

Why did Canadian Tire decide to partner up with Watson Gloves on this Yardworks collaboration?

Yardworks products are the smarter choice for quality without compromise. When there are opportunities to create more sustainable products without comprising quality – for example, through creating products with recycled materials with companies like Watson Gloves – we’re more than happy to pursue these win-win opportunities.

YardWorks Logo

Canadian Tire’s Yardworks outdoor products brand

How does this collection using WasteNot Yarn support Canadian Tire’s environmental goals?

The Yardworks WasteNot gloves support Canadian Tire’s sustainability goals in several ways. The gloves help grow the assortment of environmentally preferred products, which is something Canadian Tire is prioritizing. The gloves also use post-consumer materials, which promotes a “circular economy” and aligns with Canadian Tire’s objectives as a member of the Circular Economy Leadership Coalition. You can find out more about the sustainable products Canadian Tire offers here.

Floral Print Yardworks WasteNot Glove

Can you describe the four glove designs, and how the colours and prints were picked to complement the well-established Yardworks brand at Canadian Tire?

The four glove designs feature the iconic Yardworks teal and yellow colours that can be seen across the entire Yardworks assortment. These colours represent the colours of nature and outwitting the outdoors – the essence of the Yardworks brand. The bluey teal also has close associations with the colour of the oceans – where unfortunately many plastics end up. The objective of the Yardworks WasteNot™ gloves is to divert plastics from landfills and oceans to be reused sustainably.

Whether you’re outside this spring maintaining the yard or growing a field of plants, there are gloves for everybody. Yardworks WasteNot™ gloves are available in styles both fitted for men and women. Go green in all of your outdoor work with the new eco-conscious Yardworks WasteNot™ gloves.

Yardworks WasteNot™ Collection

Join the Future with WasteNot™

Our partnership with Canadian Tires is one of the many ways Watson Gloves is paving the road in sustainable innovations in the glove industry. Whether it’s WasteNot™ gloves or Reclaim biodegradable gloves, we’re creating a more sustainable future that’s in your hands. Join the movement and help the environment with eco-conscious Yardwork WasteNot™ gloves.

Yardwork WasteNot™ gloves are available exclusively at canadiantire.ca.

Want to learn more about our WasteNot™ gloves? Click here!

Do you or your company have sustainable goals that can be supported through eco-friendly PPE? Contact your Watson Rep today or email us at [email protected].

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