Garden Gloves: More Than Just a Fashion Accessory

Gardeners are starting to feel it in the air. Spring is coming, and with it, a brand new gardening season. When you walk into your local garden centre in the next month, your eyes will surely be caught by the “Glove Rack.” On it you’ll see this season’s new fabrics, patterns and colours. While you’ll want to pick a pair that looks oh-so-fab, you should also consider their purpose. We wear gloves to garden in so our hands stay clean, but they are also extremely important for protection.

Gloves provide a barrier from soil, splinters, pricks, cuts and abrasions, insect and spider bites, poison oak and other skin irritants. They keep skin dry, prevent sunburn and fingernail damage and reduce blistering. It’s important to have different gloves appropriate for the task at hand:

Leather gloves
Provide protection from most thorns, but still absorb water and don’t breathe.

Rubber gloves
Keep hands dry, are great for muddy/wet conditions and are washable.

Performance gloves
Snug-fitting, durable, may not protect against thorns, are not great for wet conditions.

Nitrile gloves
Excellent for dexterity, strong and puncture resistant. If they have a knit back then they are good for breathability, are washable and often effective in protecting your skin from chemicals.

Inexpensive, washable and comfortable, but offer no protection from water or thorns.

Waterproof Gauntlet
Completely waterproof with a long gauntlet, sometimes even reaching up to the shoulder. Perfect for the pond/water gardener.

Your gloves should fit nice and snug, and ensure that when you’re pruning plants with prickles and thorns, your gloves have long wrist protectors (gauntlets).

We have 6 new gloves for Spring 2014 that features new technology, new colours and offers more protection in the garden.

Introducing our 2014 Collection:

307 Game of Thorns: 

319 Forget-me-Not:

5 comments on “Garden Gloves: More Than Just a Fashion Accessory

  1. Louise on

    I was reading the Home & Garden magazine (Spring 2014) when your Game of Thorns advertisement caught my eye…I laughed out loud, what a fantastic ad! I have done many a “battle” with the roses in my garden, and the roses have won, leaving me with sore red welts. Needless to say, I “googled” you to see where I might buy a pair of these fantastic gloves. I am now aware of the many selections of product you sell. Ad well done, and thank you for a warm hearted chuckle on our first real day of spring.

    • Watson Gloves on

      Glad to hear you enjoyed the Ad Louise! Let me know if you are unable to locate Watson Gloves in your area and I can find a retailer that you can find them at.

  2. Sally on

    I am looking for a pair of garden gloves I had a few years back and they were called Sycadelic Sally or something like that, and it had the name groovy on that and other names as well. I was wondering if you still had a pair kicking around somewhere.

    Thank you for your time and consideration and look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Sally V.

    • ryan on

      Hi Sally that was a great glove and name! I believe your referring to Long Tall Sally? If so sadly it is no longer in the line but a great replacement for that glove is 197-You Go Girl


  3. Janice on

    More than just garden gloves… I bought a pair of Game of Thorns long garden gloves as I am a foster mother for kittens who are rescued by the Humane Society in our area. The frightened little ones, and big ones, know how to scratch and bite, and these were perfect as they had more room for dexterity than the welding gloves we had been using. Our vet and her helpers have said they do a great job or protecting them


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